Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars in India.

Now a days Buying and Domain name is very easy process. If you want to have a domain name for your business then you can easily register a domain name you want. Yes now in India you can buy a domain from any Domain Registrars without having a credit card and Paypal. There are so many Domain Registrars are available in India which are very reliable and provide Domain for cheap price.. At the same time i would also like to mentioned you that while you purchase a domain name you should always go for the trusted Domain Providers. In India there  are some domain providers which are really doing good and provide quality service for the customers. So, in this article we are going to discuss about the Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars in India which are really user friendly service providers till date.

Tips: Here i have a small tip for all of you who want to buy a Domain in India. Here we Indian always looking for the quality service in the best price. Yes such Domain Providers exist for India and some companies gives you discount on the first purchase. But the thing is that you have to notice before you buying a domain name is the Renewal Price. Some Domain Registrars provide domain name for cheap price but their renewal price is much higher than your budget. So, we always need to look in to the Renewal Price before buying a domain name.

As i had told you that there are so many Domain Providers in India. So, choosing the best and reliable one is not easy for newbies. Here we are to guide you to buy a Domain name from cheapest and best domain names registrars on the internet right now. Here i can Guarantee you that these are the best 10 quality service providers that you can go for..

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Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars

Here is the some leading domain name provides for India from where you can buy a domain name easily. Just read the details that we have mentioned below and you will get to know about the best Domain Providers for India.

Godaddy India

Godaddy a US based company has doing their business in India since 2009. The company has their business in many countries, In India Godaddy is the leading company in this business. First thing first, i have mentioned it in the first of the top 10 list because of its customer service. Yes, they have well trained experts to provide customer service. In India the company has both the Hindi and English option to serve their customer. You have any queries related to their service then you can ask them in Hindi too. Because we Indian many of us still don’t have much technical knowledge. So, the company is very Good at customer service. If you are new customer and want to buy a domain name from Godaddy then you can easily get some discount on your first purchase. If you didn’t get their offer on your first buy then you can ring to them and they will offer you discount coupon. In terms of price the company is still managed to provide .com domain under Rs. 149 and their .com domain renewal price is around Rs. 625. However Godaddy still comes on top if you compare it to the other domain name service providers.

BigRock India

In the top of the second there is an another very well known company Bigrock which is the India’s most popular and no one Domain Registrars. Most of the times in festival season Bigrock Offers discount coupon for the customers also they provide hosting servers as well. I would like to say that this is the one of the budget Domain name providers in India. Bigrock has different types of plans for registration in different types of domain names. There domain plans starting with Rs. 99/- plans. Yes, Bigrock offers .in domain Registration for the first year is only Rs. 99/-. . They also provide hosting service for cheap price. You can get their any hosting package as your requirement and we can pay them monthly, quarterly, half yearly. As i had told you that Bigrock is the budget domain providers in India not only the domains you can get the Various types of Hosting service from them. They company has very well trained customer service provider and they are best in your problem. If you want to Buy a .Com domain name in a great discount then lets check here.

Hostgator India

Hostgator Most of you may be hard before about this company, yes they are the first US based company to provide Domain Registrars service in India. Yes, this is the one of the most controversial company to provide service in India. Back in 2012 the company had many technical issues but now they are quite good at their services. I think hostgator is the one of the best service provider in India for a very reasonable price. You can get your domain from the company within Rs. 499/- . They have different types of plan for different domain names. This is the one of the most dedicated company in providing customer services in India. Their experts are always ready to give you the quick solution as well. They provide both the Domain and Hosting service for the customer in a very reasonable price. Well, their hosting packages starts from just Rs. 400 per month. They provide different hosting services for the customers like Linux servers, windows servers and more. If you want to get their service in a great then you can check the below mentioned link to grab your offer.


Let me introduce you to an another Domain Registrars which is very well know in India. From many years bluehost has been providing Domain and Hosting service in India. The company has became success in built their trust among the customers. Bluehost India always provides amazing offers to the customers. There are some many other companies still there but Bluehost provides the best deals to the customers. If you don’t have a debit or credit card then you can pay directly to their Bank account and they will give you the excess to the service. If you visit bulehost for the very first time then you can get 30% discount on your first buy. Technical service experts says that blue host always provide speed and server uptime to their hosting servers. There servers are located in many places like US, London, Singapore. I will recommend you to always go for the US based servers coz the US based servers response time are always fast and quick. If you want a deal with Bluehost then here we mentioned a link below and you will get a great discount deal from it.


Another US Based company that you may be heard of. Dream host is best in providing hosting services but you can also get Domain name from them. Dreamhost services price are always lower and they constantly added new service to the customers. Bluehost have superb customer support and they always meets the technical needs and also have friendly support option as well. The company has still managed to impressed their customers for their service speed and quality in their services. If you have any issues related to your service like service installation website migration you can reach out to the Customer service Team through email support. Dreamhost has been able to beat up their top competitors like Godaddy, Bigrock in the recent years. For every new customers they provide 40% instant discount for their services. The .com domain registration fees starts from $11.95 and the renewal price is around $13. If you want a discount for their services then you can check in to their below discount links.


Namecheap is the one of the another famous Domain name providers in India and lots people use them. Namecheap offers great deal for small segment business they don’t have lots of services but the services they offers are really cheap in Price. You can buy any kind of domains from them and the hosting services they are provide are really  good and available for very reasonable price. They provides live support for the customers if have faced any issues related to their domain and hosting then you get the instant support from the live chat. Namecheap is the another great choice for the beginners. Namecheap domain registration starts from Rs. 650/- per year. Here is the great news is that they accept bitcoin payment as well.  I hope this is the another great payment option for the customers, i am pretty sure that every one will love it. There service performance very good that’s why the company is doing great in India. If you need a domain name in a great discount then click on the below link.


One of the world most oldest Domain Registrars till date. the domain name was hosted in Network solution in the beginning. There services are really worth for money coz the company has been managed to doing its business from a long back. They have different prices for different domain names. Generally the prices are little bit higher than the other Domain name providers, coz they have to offer great support and secure platform for the customers. Network solution is not the cheapest, but they have very reliable pricing plans for the customers. Network Solution also allows you to buy the expired domains as well. If you are still searching for the most secure hosting services then Network solution is for you.

This is an another very Good service providers for registering a domain name. They have offer cheapest domain name registration and service as compared to the other Domain name providers. is also in my top 10 list because of their pricing plan which is the best value for money. is basically not for the Indian customers but Indian customers can also get their domain services by making payment through Paypal, Visa, Master cards, Discover, American Express etc. For more details about the company you can visit to their website at I have not use their services yet but this is the another  reputed company in my concern.

Recently has entered to the Indian markets to provide their services.  The company has more than 2 million registered users all over the world. The company offers  very amazing offers to the customers , they also provide extra security service to the users , Free cloud Storage, SSL certificate, webbuilding tools and many more. Although the customer service is now based on US and it’s available 24/7. You can get coupon and discount deals for your first buy.

A small orange

The last but nor least name of domain registrars providers in our list is A small orange. It is also an US based Internet company that offers same discount and deal for Domain name registration.  There hosting plan cost $5 per month which you can use for a very tiny website. Here you will get a free .com domain along with hosting package which other companies don’t offer. However A samll orange is still doing its business in India to beat their competitors like Godaddy and Hostgator. For more discount from A small orange you can check in to the following links below.

There are end numbers of hosting and domain name providers are available in India but Here we are mentioning  about the top 10 Domain Registrars in my list which are available for India. Hope this article will help you to choose the best Domain name providers in India.

How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat box in your Blog or Website

More than Billion of monthly users Facebook messenger is still growing. If you are running some kind of online Business then you may feel the importance of your Facebook Business Page. Now a days each and every business has a facebook page. If you own a Blog or Website then you can imagine a Facebook Messenger Chat box as a widget. Facebook Messenger Widget will make you easier to get reach to your clients. Customers can easily leave a message for you through this widget. This will make your Business a way bit better and you can give a response from your Mobile.

As i had already told you this widget is perfect for you. Generally in blog user has to close down the website to get reach through Facebook message. If you want to receive your clients message to you directly through messenger then this widget is perfect for you. Facebook has recently developed this widget for any kind of website or blog which is works like charm.

The Facebook Messenger Chat box for your blog

Facebook messenger chat box is a widget which will appear in the below corner of your blog. Customers can reach to you by click the small messenger icon of your Blog. Another advantage is you can show your Facebook Page like button in the Chat Box. When someone clicks on the facebook messenger icon then a chat box will pops up where visitors can send messages for you.

In this below article i will mention How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat box in to your Blogger blog and WordPress site. This widget will work with any kind of HTML website and e-commerce site.

For blogger Platform

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Blogger Layout section.

Step 3: Click on Add a Gadget then select HTML/JavaScript Gadget.

Step 4: Copy the script from below and paste the widget code into HTML/JavaScript Gadget. Please change facebook page name or ID by locating URL and Click “Save” button.

Step 5: Press the Save arrangement button from the top

For WordPress users

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to the Appearance and then widgets

Step 3: Add a Text Widgets any where and Paste the Below code.

By this process users can send end number of messages to the page. Page owner can directly receive the message right to their messenger App. Here i mentioned the code that you have to add to your Blog to enable Facebook Messenger chat box. WordPress user can also add this chat box by adding third party plugins.

<style>.fb-livechat,.fb-widget{display:none}.ctrlq.fb-button,.ctrlq.fb-close{position:fixed;right:24px;cursor:pointer}.ctrlq.fb-button{z-index:1;background:url() center no-repeat #0084ff;width:60px;height:60px;text-align:center;bottom:24px;border:0;outline:0;border-radius:60px;-webkit-border-radius:60px;-moz-border-radius:60px;-ms-border-radius:60px;-o-border-radius:60px;box-shadow:0 1px 6px rgba(0,0,0,.06),0 2px 32px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-webkit-transition:box-shadow .2s ease;background-size:80%;transition:all .2s ease-in-out}.ctrlq.fb-button:focus,.ctrlq.fb-button:hover{transform:scale(1.1);box-shadow:0 2px 8px rgba(0,0,0,.09),0 4px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.24)}.fb-widget{background:#fff;z-index:2;position:fixed;width:360px;height:435px;overflow:hidden;opacity:0;bottom:0;right:24px;border-radius:6px;-o-border-radius:6px;-webkit-border-radius:6px;box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-webkit-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-moz-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-o-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16)}.fb-credit{text-align:center;margin-top:8px}.fb-credit a{transition:none;color:#bec2c9;font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-decoration:none;border:0;font-weight:400}.ctrlq.fb-overlay{z-index:0;position:fixed;height:100vh;width:100vw;-webkit-transition:opacity .4s,visibility .4s;transition:opacity .4s,visibility .4s;top:0;left:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,.05);display:none}.ctrlq.fb-close{z-index:4;padding:0 6px;background:#365899;font-weight:700;font-size:11px;color:#fff;margin:8px;border-radius:3px}.ctrlq.fb-close::after{content:'x';font-family:sans-serif}</style>

<div class="fb-livechat">
  <div class="ctrlq fb-overlay"></div>
  <div class="fb-widget">
    <div class="ctrlq fb-close"></div>
    <div class="fb-page" data-href="" data-tabs="messages" data-width="360" data-height="400" data-small-header="true" data-hide-cover="true" data-show-facepile="false">
      <blockquote cite="" class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore"> </blockquote>
  <a href="" title="Send us a message on Facebook" class="ctrlq fb-button"></a> 
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script>$(document).ready(function(){var t={delay:125,overlay:$(".fb-overlay"),widget:$(".fb-widget"),button:$(".fb-button")};setTimeout(function(){$("div.fb-livechat").fadeIn()},8*t.delay),$(".ctrlq").on("click",function(e){e.preventDefault(),":visible")?(t.overlay.fadeOut(t.delay),t.widget.stop().animate({bottom:0,opacity:0},2*t.delay,function(){$(this).hide("slow"),})):t.button.fadeOut("medium",function(){t.widget.stop().show().animate({bottom:"30px",opacity:1},2*t.delay),t.overlay.fadeIn(t.delay)})})});</script>

Copy and paste the above mentioned code right to your blog. if you have any issue then please write for us in our below comment box.



How to Add Instagram Follow button in to your Blogger Blog

Hi, In this article we are going to talk about How to Add Instagram Follow button in to your blogger 2017. In our previous article we had already talked about how to add instagram follow option in to WordPress Blog. I have tried every possible way to add my instagram profile in blogger but i failed. But for WordPress blog it is easy to do through plugin. I did little bit of research then i found the following working method for Blogger 2017.

Now a days instagram is the most popular image and video sharing app. There are number of people using Instagram daily and spend most of the time in this social media app. So, you will get the benefit if you add your instagram profile in to your blog, Ans this will also create a brand value for your Business.

Here i am going to mentioned the method very well so please have a look in to the following paragraph. You have to follow the steps very carefully.

Add Instagram Follow button in to your Blogger Blog

Here i am add some few lines of code, and just you need to copy and paste it into your Blogger. just follow the steps i have mentioned below.

Here is the codes for Instagram Buttons:

<style>.ig-b- { display: inline; }
.ig-b- img { visibility: hidden; }
.ig-b-:hover { background-position: 0 -60px; } .ig-b-:active { background-position: 0 -120px; }
.ig-b-16 { width: 16px; height: 16px; background: url(// no-repeat 0 0; }
@media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2 / 1), only screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min-resolution: 192dpi), only screen and (min-resolution: 2dppx) {
.ig-b-16 { background-image: url(//; background-size: 60px 178px; } }</style>
<a href="" class="ig-b- ig-b-16"><img src="//" alt="Instagram" /> <b>Follow on Instagram</b></a>

Or You can use the following code.

<style>.ig-b- { display: inline-block; }
.ig-b- img { visibility: hidden; }
.ig-b-:hover { background-position: 0 -60px; } .ig-b-:active { background-position: 0 -120px; }
.ig-b-v-24 { width: 137px; height: 24px; background: url(// no-repeat 0 0; }
@media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2 / 1), only screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), only screen and (min-resolution: 192dpi), only screen and (min-resolution: 2dppx) {
.ig-b-v-24 { background-image: url(//; background-size: 160px 178px; } }</style>
<a href="" class="ig-b- ig-b-v-24"><img src="//" alt="Instagram" /></a>

You can use the any of the above code that i mentioned above.

Now copy and paste it in to your Blogger widget.

Now you have to replace your id “yourid” to your instagram id.

Now you have to save it and you done.

This way you can add your instagram Follow option in your Blogger Blog.


How TO add Instagram follow button to your WordPress Blog

Having an Instagram follow button to your Blog is so much important. Now a days, most of the bloggers looking for Instagram button to have a option to follow their Instagram profile. If you are running a business or agency then it will be profitable for you. Having such an option to your Blog you will help you to get more instagram followers.

Instagram has discontinue their “Badges” service. So, Here you will talk about an another method to add your Instagram follow button. You can simply Embed a photo in to wordpress blog by using the instagram embed option. You will get the Embed option near the comment section, you will see three dots near the comment box and from their you will get the embed option and the HTML code. insta embed

WordPress Plugin TO add Instagram follow button

You can also do this through WordPress plugin, you will get multiple option to insert images into your  blog. There are some plugins to add images, create instagram image sliders and some other option also. Here i will mention about some plugins to make your work easy in some few steps.

Read more: How to setup your instagram Add Guide.

Instagram Badges Plugin: Instagram Badges plugin will help you link to and promote your instagram profile. This is the best instagram plugin if you want to share your instagram photos through your Blog. This plugin will also works fine with WordPress multisite.

Instagram Gallery Plugin: Instagram Gallery is the one of the most Easy and simple way to display your instagram images on your blog.To display pictures from instagram account like Gallery slider, for this you have to paste your instagram account username. It’s also supports to display pictures from Instagram #Tag.

Instagram Slider widget: Instagram slider widget will display a grid of thumbnails, but this will also has an option to shows up to 20 images in a slider. Instagram Slider widget has the option to insert the images into your WordPress Media Library. From this plugin you will create a backup of your Instagram images.

In this next article we are going to talk about about How to add Instagram Follow button in to Blogger.

How To Setup Your First Instagram Add- Step by Step Guide

Do you want to use Instagram for Business purpose and making sales out of it. Interested in Making Money then you have to learn how Instagram add works ???

Now a days Marketing and Advertising is moving towards social media and other visual platform. In Social media you can consider three platform as the best place to advertise your product, First Instagram then Facebook and YouTube. Out of this three platform Instagram gives you the massive opportunity to make your Brands more visibility and customer rich. These days Instagram Add is becoming a key element for the e-commerce business. Before going to learn about Instagram adds you should know why Instagram Add is more effective than the other social media.

Here you can discover the step by step guide to learn about Instagram Add. Instagram has the highest number of user engagement rate than the other social media sites. Majority of People use instagram and spend maximum times on instagram.  Instagram frequent update make it more interesting and user rich platform. If you want to make a successful Business then you must learn Instagram Add to make your brand value.

Here we are going to discuss about How to Create your First Instagram Add get a effective results form it. So, Please have  a look into the following paragraph and follow the steps carefully.

How To create Your First Instagram Add step by step Guide.

Before you make your Add live in Instagram you have to connect your Insta account to your Facebook Page. Then you can make your add live through Facebook Power Editor.

Facebook Power Editor may be this is the New Tool for you from where you can Manage all of your Campaign and Adverts. First you have to go through the Facebook account and then Settings. you will get the settings option on the Top Right corner of the facebook page then scroll down and you will get the Instagram Adverts option from where you can Connect an Instagram account for advertising. You can only connect one Instagram account to your Page. instagram add option

If you have an instagram account then sign-in or create a new one. you will get both the option to log-in or create a new Instagram account. instagram login

Once you have successfully complete the above steps then you are all set to launch your first instagram Add.

In this way you can setup your First instragram Add through your Facebook page. I hope this short article will help you out for sure.

Schema Theme Review: The Best SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme Ever

The Schema WordPress Theme is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme designed & developed by MyThemeShop. Schema is a HTML5 and CSS3 based copyblogger styled Theme. It also comes with some advance features including Built-in review system, Easy to use control panel etc. and also supports Child themes.                                                                                 Demo | Buy

Schema Theme Review: The Ultra Fast, SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

Except some, Most of the WordPress Themes are built keeping the Beautification of the Theme in mind. They Often do not consider the SEO OnPage Optimizations. Its true that there is a greater chance of conversion if the site looks beautiful. But We should also focus on the fact that a site can never convert if it will not perform well on Google search results. Right? Again, Some beautiful themes have complicated designs and heavy resources which affects the Site’s Loading Speed. And Hence the site will be ranking on the lower Position on the Search Engines. So you should select a WordPress Theme that is fast enough to load and responsive (Google loves Responsiveness !). Among all the Themes, Schema WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop is the fastest WordPress Theme.

The SEO friendly feature and rich snippet feature of this theme help to rank your blog better in SERPs. With the help of attractive and beautiful design, you can easily engage more readers and get more page view. This will help to reduce the bounce rate and hence will help you to position on the top of Google.

Here at BloggingTutorials, I’m using Schema Theme. The reasons why I picked up this theme is that it is blazing fast, User friendly & SEO Optimized which can beat all the WordPress Themes. The Features of the Schema Theme are discussed below.

Features of Schema WordPress Theme:

1. Fastest Loading WordPress Theme:

The MyThemeShop Team has designed the Schema Theme to beat all the WordPress Theme in terms of Loading Speed. As you all know, Page Loading Speed is nowadays considered as a Ranking Signal. Schema Theme will help you to get a better position in Search Engines.
Since, I’m also using this theme on BloggingTutorials, this theme gives me a score of 80 on mobile and 94 on desktop in Google Pagespeed insight while writing this Post.

Also, it gives me a score of 95 in Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool !

The Schema Theme also gives me a Score of 99 in both Pagespeed Score and YSlow Score in Gtmetrix. Impressive isn’t it?

2. Ultra SEO Optimized Theme:

As I had said earlier; though beautification or the design of the Webpage increase Conversions, yet only beautification Without Search Engine Ranking is meaningless. One of the Best Features of Schema that I Love is that it is Cent percent SEO Optimized and Built under the Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

The Built-in Schema markup of the Schema WordPress Theme help the search engines to understand every single section of your Website.

You might have thinking Why not go to Genesis as it has hundreds of child themes and Also SEO ready? Though, Genesis is the best WordPress framework, but In speed and SEO, Schema beats Genesis !

3. Clean & Elegant Design:

Design is an important factor that helps to engage more users resulting into the increase in Page views. Schema is a clean and elegant design theme. It comes with clean and quality coded layout which helps your audience to read every single piece of your site content.

The Clean & Simple design of Schema can attract People’s attention easily. The Minimal design of Schema beats the Genesis Framework also !

Schema is also 100% responsive which fits beautifully on all devices and Browsers. It is also Pre-loaded with two different layouts & designs.

4. Ad Management:

Schema comes with Ad Management Panel that supports all the advertising system including Adsense, Banner Advertising and Custom Advertisement. There is no need to install any plugin to add advertisements or banners. Schema also comes with optimized advertisements functionality which lets you enable to add advertisements to Header, After post Title and Before Comments section.

5. Built-in Review System:

You do not need to install third party WordPress Plugin to Review any Products. The Built-in review system of Schema Theme makes it perfect to use this theme for affiliate marketing blog. With this theme you can easily build a product/service review based website or affiliate marketing blog. You can easily post a service/product review on your blog and also let your readers to give their review. Not just all, They have also designed this built-in review system with Rich Snippet. The built-in review system also helps to rank content better in SERPs easily.

6. Custom Widgets & Unlimited Google Fonts:

Schema WordPress Theme also Pre-loaded with features to add Custom Widgets and allows you to choose the best google fonts and font color as well. It also comes with over 14+ custom widgets, including Facebook & Google Plus widget, Latest tweets, Photo Slider, Optin form and much more.

Some Other Features:

100% fluid responsive design
Support Parallax Page Template
Unlimited Background
Custom CSS
dns-Prefetching Options
Secure, Lightweight Code
Translation Ready
Unlimited Shortcodes
Related Post with images
All Google Fonts included
Ready to use icon set
Lifetime free updates
Lifetime free support
Easy to install & update
Detailed Documentation and narrated video Tutorials
Integrated Floating/Fixed Social Sharing button
And much more features

The actual Price of the Schema WordPress Theme is $69. However, with our affiliate link you can get it on $45 i.e., $24 OFF !

So, Grab this Awesome WordPress Theme at just $45 Only.



Schema WordPress theme is a must have WordPress theme. It is ultra fast, SEO-friendly and have many more features. The light weight coding of theme along with the built-in Review system brings the Schema Theme to a Must have WordPress Theme. The Price of the theme is reasonable. I recommend all the bloggers to buy this $45 Theme.

How to Add "Remove Adblocker" notification for Your Blog

Now a days lots of People use adblocker to get rid of ads and popup’s . So in this post we are going to talk about how to block Ad Blocker for your Blog. If you own a Website or a Blog and you use other advertising platform to make money then Ad Blocker will really hurts in your income. So, it is the main task to make sure that your visitor must surf your website with ads. If you are using Adsense for your Blog then “Ad Blocker” will disable all of your Adsense Ads for sure. So, in this Article we are going to talk about how to block “Ad Blocker”.

What is Ad Blocker?

Ad blocker is just a simple browser extension that will remove all the Ads of a website. So, lots of people like to use it to get  ride of all the unnecessary ads and banners. SO, it is the big problem of a website owner. In one word you can’t push your user to remove Ad Blocker from their Browser coz its not in your hand. But instead of that you can add a notification in above the website by requesting them to Remove Adblocker to access your website or Blog. So, by doing that there is 20% chance to get the visitors without Ad Blocker. Remove Adblocker for your user is not an easy task but here we are going to tell you about some small steps that will add a” Remove AdBlocker” notification for your user.

How to detect Ad Blocker for your Blog?

First of all your website should detect the “Ad Blocker” so that here we are going to mentioned about some technical steps so please try to follow all of that very carefully. In post we will cover both the method for your Custom website and WordPress Blog. Lets check this out below-

For Custom website-  For custom made website we will add a custom coded js script to detect ad blocker for web browser. So, our aim is to add a js file in the web server here i make an example called advertisement.js which will trigger adblock’s filters, and after this, check whether the file has been loaded or not.

From below you can get the code block


jQuery.adblock = false;

This single line will crate a new jQuery object property to detect the ad blocker.



	if ($.adblock === undefined){
		$.adblock = true;

	$.fn.showOnAdBlock = function(){


		return this;


To detect any kind of Ad Blocker you can add this $.adblock variable.

To add the JS script you can follow the below Code block



			'title'		: 'Adblocker active!',
			'message'	: 'You are running an ..',
			'buttons'	: {
				'I will!'	: {
					'class'	: 'blue',
					'action': function(){
						// Do nothing
				'Never!'	: {
					'class'	: 'gray',
					'action': function(){
						// Redirect to some page
						window.location = '';

Ok that’s all you can follow that above method for custom made website.

For WordPress Blog- For your wordPress blog here i add  some simple steps to do that. You can follow all the below steps one by one very carefully.

  • Go to Your WordPress Blog Dashboard then Dashboard >Appereance > Editor.
  • Find footer.php on Right side.
  • Search for </body> and paste the Script before </body> tag.
    <script type="text/javascript"  charset="utf-8">
    // Place this code snippet near the footer of your page before the close of the /body tag
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Best Way to Earn Money through URL shortener service

Today, internet marketing and other online money earning service has become so popular that every one knows about it. There are lots of platform and opportunities to earn money online. Some of them are trusted and others are fake. But, today in this article we are going to talk about some online services that genuinely help you to earn money online. At the same time Blogging and internet marketing has become so popular among the web. You can earn money through your  website and blogs by placing ads and selling products. Almost every one knows about blogging and Google Adsense which is the another alternative way to make money online. But in this article we are going to share about how to make money online without having a website or blog. Besides from this technique here i will share about a new technique that will allow you to earn money by sharing links which is also known as URL shortener technique to earn money.

There are many URL shortener service out there and they will allow you to share links on your social media profile. By Sharing their links you can earn money easily, this is the best way to make money online for students and housewife. url shortner service

How URL Shortener service works

Before you start doing with URL shortener service you need to know about How URL shortener service works. URL shortener service is the way to convert long web url to short one. Basically there are two types url shortener service like free url shortner they will not pay you any money for using there service instead they will provide there service for free and another one is little bit different. In the second one it will shows a small add for 5 seconds and after that it will redirect to the actual links. In this service visitor has to wait for 5 minutes then they can skip the add and get the original link.





How to Customize and Edit Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme

This is the tutorial for Genesis Framework user to Customize and Edit Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme. Genesis Eleven 40 Pro is the one of the premium theme from This days lots of bloggers use this eleven 40 pro theme. All the Genesis theme is pretty same so you no need to worry about it. If you know customization of any Genesis theme than you can easily customize any kind of Genesis theme. Because the coding  pattern is same for all the genesis theme. So, in this article we are going to learn about How to Customize and Edit Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme. I hope this tutorial will help you to understand the basic  features and functions of all the Genesis theme.

How to Install Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme on your  WordPress site

Before you start doing customization with Genesis theme you should know How Genesis Framework work with WordPress site. Genesis is the one of the Fastest WordPress template to start with. So, in this article we are going to share about how to install Genesis eleven 40 pro theme and its customization.

First of all you need to install Genesis Framework on your WordPress site, than this will allow you to install other Genesis Child theme. All the Genesis theme is same so once you learn how to install Genesis theme then you can install any Genesis theme Easily. if you want to download Genesis theme then here is the link to download Genesis theme Framework.Genesis theme customization

Genesis Eleven 40 theme Features

Genesis Eleven 40 is the best theme to use for Blogging purpose. So, here we will talk about some awesome features of Eleven 40 Pro theme.

  • 4 Color styles
  • 6 Layout options
  • Footer widgets support
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3 latest coding languages
  • Responsive and Clean design
  • Floating header bar
  • Blogging page structure
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast loading and user friendly
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Customizable homepage
  • Email Newsletter widget
  • Landing page
  • Author bio widget
  • Multiple menu locations
  • Featured image support
  • Post Excerpt support
  • Adsense Friendly
  • Light Coding

Tips to to Customize and Edit Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme

Genesis Eleven 40 pro theme customization is very easy and you don’t need to mess us with codes, just follow style.css and fuvctions.php file to modify it.

How to Add logo in Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme

Changing the logo of Eleven 40 pro theme id little bit tricky but i will make it easy for you. Just follow the below instructions carefully.

In general there is a simple text logo in the Eleven 40 Pro theme. The size of default logo is 420 width and 165px by size. To add a new logo on Your theme Dashboard> Appearance> Customize> header image> Add New Logo Image.Genesis Logo

This option is available only for Genesis latest version of framework so before you doing this make sure that you are using the latest version of Genesis theme.

Change Favicon

To add a new Favicon in Genesis Eleven 40 pro theme you need to upload a  new image with 512 Pixel in size. G is the default Favicon for Genesis theme, you can change it by following the below steps. Dashboard> Appearance> Add new Favicon imagegenesis favicon

Remove Featured post from Homepage

Basically featured posts are displaying in full length. If you want to remove features post from your homepage then past it in home.php file.  Goto Appearance->Editor->home.php and paste the below code in the bottom line.

genesis_grid_loop( array(
'features' => 1,  // Change 1 to 0

Remove Grid Style from Homepage

If you want to remove Grid style from homepage then it will automatically display the normal blog post style. To remove Grid style you need to rename home.php to home-old.php . You can do it via FTP or C panel.home php

Enable Post Experts

You can enable Post Experts instead of full length post for Home Page. Just go to Genesis->Theme Settings->Content Archives->Display Post Excerpts. post experts

Change body Font

To change the Body Font you need to make necessary change in style.css 

body {
font-size: 18px; // Change 18 to 12

Post Title Font size

To change Font size of Post title, add the following codes in style.css

.entry-title { font-size: 36px; // Change 36px to 24px line-height: 1; }

Change Footer Credit Text

Add the following code inside functions.php to change footer credit text, although this could be done via various plugins.

//* Change the footer text
add_filter('genesis_footer_creds_text', 'wbxp_footer_creds_filter');
function wbxp_footer_creds_filter( $creds ) {
	$creds = 'Copyright © by Yoursite Name · All rights reserved · Log in';
	return $creds;

I hope this article was helpful for you, if you are still facing problem then leave your comment below. We will sort it out for you.

Best local server software for your Windows computer to use locally

Did you know that you can convert your PC in to a local server by installing local server environment or localhost software. The way is very simple to convert  your windows computer into a local server machine.  Two years back i personally used the exact same method to learn WordPress Blog. These days most of the WordPress theme designers and plugins developers used this method to get done their work easily. So, by using localhost you can get quick response to your server easily because its does’t required internet connection. There are lots of local server software available for windows and Mac user by using those software you can test your website before make the site available to the public.

In this article we are going to discuss about some local server software which are available for free. After installing this software you can install wordpress, Joomla, drupal and other php script on your computer. This local server environment allow you to access the website locally if you want to make your site live then you need to buy webhosting and domain.

More about cheap webhosting and domain.

Here we are going to talk about two local host environment along with their features.   WAMP and XAMPP.

What is WAMP and XAMPP?

WAMP and XAMPP is local server environment which are includes Apache web server along with PHP and MYSQL features. Both the software is good to setup your own local server environment but you no need to use both the software just single one is enough to install wordpress.

How to install XAMPP local server on your Desktop for setup WordPress Blog

First of all you need to download the XAMPP server to your PC. You can download the software from their official webpage. XAMPP is available for windows, linux and Mac user and you can select you compatible version for your PC. So, here is the quick tutorial to install XAMPP server on your desktop PC.

XAMPP includes various other packages like Tomcat, Filezilla, Mercury including Apache, MYSQL, PHP and Perl.

Open the installer package of the software which you are downloading from the above link then follow the below instructions to complete the installation process, Just install the software as others..

[note: if you are already running an antivirus program then it may slow down your PC while installing this software and make it continue to keep running the installation process]

Best local host server

When you see the above features just select all the features and click on the next option to make this installation running. [ Don’t unchecked the Apache, MYSQL, Php, Php My Admin option]xampp Once You complete all the process then make sure that your windows Firewall allow access to this software. If you notice any kind of Firewall Pop-up message then make sure that you are allowing access for all the block features.

Here i am using XAMPP control panel v3.2.1, if you are using later version of this software then some features may not be available for you. So, our aim is to installing WordPress blog on our computer so you need to start the Apache and MYSQL server at the very beginning. local server software

To run a wordpress blog locally you need Apache and MYSQL server so make sure that you enable both the features before running WordPress on your computer. Once you successfully connected to those server then you can open your web browser and try to open the below given link locally.

http:://localhost or if the link is open for you without internet connection then XAMPP working fine for you.  Here i am skip some steps because as a beginner you no need to configure more options.

So, now where to install your WordPress file. There is a XAMPP folder on your C Drive which is created by default when you installing XAMPP on your PC. Open it and you will get to notice an another folder called htdocs, here you can install the WordPress file by unzip it. Which is look like this C:xampphtdocs

[note: Just make a new folder i.e. wordpress to install wordpress and connect your wp-config file to the MYSQL database and configure it]

http:://localhost/phpmyadmin by visiting this link you can get the MYSQL database structure, create a new database for your newly setup wordpress blog and configure it properly.

Hope the above method is working fine for you and in our next article we are going to cover more about WAMP server and how to configure it. If you have and query about XAMPP then please feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.