Hello bloggers in this article we are going to talk about the best Web Hosting Providers of India from where you can buy Web Hosting at cheap price with good services. These days there are lot of new web hosting company came to India and start their business with great services few of them are really good and affordable. Many of us looking for great web hosting companies through the Google but sometime they failed to find out Good Web Hosting services in India. But finding a good web hosting company is really difficult so here i decided to write some experience that i had with Web hosting services.

Here are the some facts that you can consider before buying a web hosting package. Which web hosting company is best? this is not a easy question to answer. So here we shortlisted some points to help you out have a look below.

Technical Requirements for your Hosting

Without high quality service you can’t hope a perfect website. So first of all you need to think about what is your hosting requirements like disk size, bandwidth amount etc. These are the main facts that you should consider before buying a web hosting package. There are lots of hosting packages available for every web hosting companies if your website meet the requirements then you can buy the package.

Server Uptime Score

Once your site is live then you should never meet downtime for your site. SO having good server Uptime is more important if your service provider has 99% server Uptime then No issue. Here we are trying to cover up the best server Providers for you.

Multiple Addon Features

If you own more than one domain then you should need multiple domain features on your hosting panel. These days most of the webmaster own multiple domain. To setup those domains you no need to but another hosting service if your hosting package have this features then you can install multiple domain on a single hosting panel.

Backup Service

One of the most important factor is Backup service when you choosing a web hosting service. Sometime you may faced error when you developing your website in such cases backup service is very important. To deal with such unexpected situations you need an another backup copy of your website if your site goes down. For shared hosting holders this service is very much essential if your entire database is being hacked or destroyed there should be an another copy of your database to rebuild your site.

Usually most of the web hosting companies comes with this features with some latest security systems. If there is no option for your cpanel then you need to find out manual backup for your system.

Sever Location

If you have years of experience with web server and website then you may probably know about the importance of server location. If you are running a website from India and your server location is on UK and you targeted North India then you may faced some issues in rankings or traffic. If you are running a business in India then it will be more fruitful if you choose web hosting from India with servers within India.

Upgrade Options

If your traffic and business is increases then you will need more resources and space to keep your website running. Shared hosting plans can handle up to 2000 real time visitors for your site. If your traffic volume is more than that then you need to upgrade your server to an another plan with more disk space and bandwidth limit. So you may also need upgrade option for your server.

Apart from these there are some big companies playing a major role in India without any doubt some of them are mentioned below.

Best Web Hosting Service Providers Review

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