In this article we are going to discuss about How to Install Magento1.9.2 on Digital Ocean server. If you want to running an e-commerce website on your own then Magento is the best choice for you. Which is an Open source e-commerce platform based on PHP. Currently Magento is available in two categories Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. If you want to go with Self controlled Magento sites then Magento Community is the possible way to start with. As of now there are two Magento community versions are available Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.

Recently i have seen many people started using Digital ocean to run Magento. If you want to Grab digital Ocean $10 credit then you can follow this link. But the Good news is that Digital Ocean offers $5 plan per month with 512 MB Ram and 20 GB storage. For the next couple of Minutes i will tech you How to Install Magento1.9.2 on Digital ocean server.

Here we will install-

  1. Nginx
  2. Php5
  3. MariaDB
  4. Phpmyadmin
  5. Magento1.9.2

How to Install Magento1.9.2 and Configure it on Ubuntu 16.04 (Digital Ocean Hosting)

Here i am using Putty to install Magento on my Server. You can also use Default console system to configure it. Let’s follow this tutorial step by step. Here i am using putty as my Operating system is Windows; Ok lets check this out.

Step 1: Update your Ubuntu Server. First of all you need to update your Digital Ocean server by the following command line.

If this command line is not working for you then you can try with this one also.

Step 2: Install Nginx; to install Nginx in your server you  can follow the below command line


Press Y to continue the installation.

Now, You can check your server by opening the IP address of your server in your web browser, if you have successfully installed Nginx on your server then you can able to see a Welcome screen of Nginx server.

Step 3: Install Php5 and configure it; here we are going to install php5.6, let’s see how to install and configure it on Digital Ocean server.

Step 4: Now you have to check whether PHP works or not. In order to work PHP with Nginx we need to make some configuration in default Web site. Follow the below command line to configure your Nginx server.

Step5: Install MariaDB on your server. To install MariaDB you can follow this command line

Now you have to make some changes in your default Configuration file. Now configure the database for Magento Installation. So, we need to create a database and grant Prvileges for a user.

Step6: Install Phpmyadmin, you need to install phpmyadmin to connect your Magento System with mysql database.

Now your server is all set to install Magento. To download latest version of Magento you need to follow the below command line.

Download Magento

Now you need to extract the Magento file and copy all the contents to /var/www/html

To unzip the file

Now copy the contents to the default HTML folder.

Now Change the Permission for your default folder to make it writable

Change the file permission as required

Now restart Mysql and Apache service to make changes

Now you all set to run Magento on your server. To test your Magento site Open your Web browser and type your domain name then you will get the Magento setup wizard. Complete all the steps and your site is live.