Today, internet marketing and other online money earning service has become so popular that every one knows about it. There are lots of platform and opportunities to earn money online. Some of them are trusted and others are fake. But, today in this article we are going to talk about some online services that genuinely help you to earn money online. At the same time Blogging and internet marketing has become so popular among the web. You can earn money through your  website and blogs by placing ads and selling products. Almost every one knows about blogging and Google Adsense which is the another alternative way to make money online. But in this article we are going to share about how to make money online without having a website or blog. Besides from this technique here i will share about a new technique that will allow you to earn money by sharing links which is also known as URL shortener technique to earn money.

There are many URL shortener service out there and they will allow you to share links on your social media profile. By Sharing their links you can earn money easily, this is the best way to make money online for students and housewife. url shortner service

How URL Shortener service works

Before you start doing with URL shortener service you need to know about How URL shortener service works. URL shortener service is the way to convert long web url to short one. Basically there are two types url shortener service like free url shortner they will not pay you any money for using there service instead they will provide there service for free and another one is little bit different. In the second one it will shows a small add for 5 seconds and after that it will redirect to the actual links. In this service visitor has to wait for 5 minutes then they can skip the add and get the original link.