Best URL Shortener Services for Your Blog Post

URL shortener service is the one of the most cool way to reduce your blog permalink structure. By using this service you can make your Blog post URl very short and cool in this way URL shortening service reduce you long URL to tiny forms. Suppose you have a blog post and you want to share it on your facebook wall for social media traffic but your blog post url is a bit long then you can make your BLOG URL short and sexy by using this service. Now a days micro blogger are playing an important role worldwide if you wanna be part of it don’t forget to use this URL shortener service. In this tutorial we are going to share some best URL shortener service that you can use it for free. So what is the role of URL shortener service for your blog post. Yes URL shortener plays an important role to mange your blog post url. Normally long post link structure good for SEO so if you have long url structure then use the following mentioned services that you can use to share your links on facebook, twitter or any other website. Here are the best url Shortener service info mentioned below

1. is the one of the most popular URL shortener service in now a days which offers instant tracking and ability to your blog. With you can use your own short domain name for custom link shortening and forwarding it on social websites like Facebook, Twitter

2. is one of the best popular URL Shortener service powered by Google search engine. The service is easy to use. Just enter the link and it will give you the shortened link in just a seconds. You can get all the details of your shortened URL such as counting number of times link is clicked, profile of the visitor and

3. TinyURL

TinyURL is one of the best website for URL shortening that gives lots of features related to shortening URL. This allows you to add TinyURL in your toolbar so that you could make Tiny URL with a single click.tinyURL

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