Best Top Free VPN Service for Windows 10 PC

Virtual Private Network which is commonly known as VPN service. While we are surf the web Internet service providers used to collect our Personal details like Name, Location, IP Information etc etc. For some reason we Basic Internet users don’t like to collect our personal details by the Service providers. Every time we visit the web it is not possible for us to keep our data and information safe, in such cases we need a VPN.

By using a VPN service we can hide our real location to surf the Web. For example IP address, Location of the user will be untraceable for the Service Provider. Some time we can by pass the country restriction to visit the web. If you want to surf the web by hiding your real id than VPN is for you. It can also increase your internet connection speed and hide your identity from the Web. If you want the Best VPN service for Windows 10 then this article is for You. Here we are going to discuss about the Best Free VPN service for you.

Hide My Ass

Many of us already know about this VPN, this is the one of the most used and popular VPN you can afford. This one is the Paid VPN but you can choose the multi-device pack while you purchase so you no need to pay for your each device. Once you choose the Multi device pack then you can have it for all of your Devices. There are three Mode you will get Instant Mode, Location Mode and Freedom Mode.

By using the Instant Mode you can secure internet Connection. This option will be automatically activated while you connect this with internet. While you connect the VPN for very first time it will take few seconds to get connected.

The second mode is Location Mode. You can use this mode when you want to visit the web from a different location. The Hide My Ass server will Remotely connect your IP through a different Location. By using this mode you can visit the web if its blocked for your region.

The last one is Freedom mode. This is the all in one option for you it automatically get connected you IP through the nearest server and let you enjoy the web My hiding your real location. 

Hola VPN

One of the Best Free VPN ever. Basically to remove Geographical restriction Hola is the best VPN for you. I tested this VPN and its works like charm, Hola user can select different location to visit the web. This VPN is very Basic and any one can use it as browser extension in their PC like Google chrome, Firefox etc. There is also Android and iOS version available for Mobile users. By logged in to your account you can use it from different devices. For personal use you can use it for Free but for Professional use you have to pay for it.

If you want to use Hola with speed cape or bandwidth then i will recommend you to use the Hola Premium. You can enjoy the very fast server and any country location to get connected.

  • Download Hola Chrome Extension from the chrome Web extension.
  • Install and and Make it enable for your Browser.
  • Now you may notice the Hola icon in the above right corner of Your Browser.
  • Now Click on that icon and make it enable.
  • You can choose different Location from it.


Nord VPN

Another one of the Most wanted VPN is Nord VPN, here you will get all the required features to connect the web. Every VPN is working for same reason but there are some technical difference in between those. It has Windows and Mac Apps and as well as available for iOS and Android user. As we have tested this VPN and works pretty fine with its servers and you can experience High speed streaming. When you connect through Nord VPN you can choose server location and it will get connected to the best servers of that location. Nord VPN protects you very well because of the 2048-bit encryption.

You can connect through the best servers, choose the best  one and you will the ultimate performance. You can measure the server performance by connecting with the different type of servers.

You can choose different servers when you failed to get connected. For some reason Nord VPN gives you dedicated IP to get connected with Restricted service.

Best VPN to visit the streaming site, if you want to watch a program which is not allowed in your location with Nord VPN you can change the location to that particular location where it is allowed.



Pure VPN

One of the most reliable service is pure VPN. You can get the best Performance on both PC and mobile devices. Thousands of Dedicated IP addresses available to connect through it with some unique features and services. You can say good services with quality work. This is the one of the easy service to use vary reliable and secure in service. Pure VPN delivers the best proxy services over 750 servers located in more than 141 countries. You can get Split tunneling service in this VPN.

If you are looking for excellent services then Pure VPN is for you it will provides safe browsing and high security. Thousands of IP’s available out there so you no need to waste your time to test it, download it Launch the VPN. Enter your user name and password to connect this VPN and finish the setup. In the next step you can choose your location and the whole web is yours. More than 80,000 IP addresses available out there so you can change your IP address at any moment.

pure VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hostpot Shield is an another most wanted VPN around the web. There are two version available one is free an another one is paid. Its servers are available in more than 20 countries. Hotspot shield is also known as most secure VPN. Users can access the web through a very well-encrypted IP address. It will hiding your Personal data and information and reduce the chance of being hacked. This VPN has real value for money. Servers are located in US and comes with some malware protection and proxy based security protocol.

Very easy to use and setup No technical configuration required . Hotspot shield server location is based on US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canda etc. You will automatically get connected to the Proxy servers, or you can set it up manually.

You can experience a very useful and fast proxy service by using this VPN. It can also compress the data sizes and let you transfer the Data very fast. I hope this VPN service will help you to get more secure connection.


Psiphon VPN

Psiphon is the one of Most valuable VPN which is based on IPSec and L2TP encryption method. SSH and HTTP method provides you ultra fast browsing and protect your from Internet Service providers so they will failed to track your online behaviour. Your IP will always hide and safe when Psiphon is active on your PC. Server is based on more than 8+ countries and you will get the option to disable proxy service.

You can configure the Proxy settings to get connected through it. More then 20+ international language available and available for Windows and MAC both the platform as well as you can use it for iOS and Android devices. Psiphon is always free to use and you no need to pay for the service.

You can also use this VPN to hide your PC information to get connected with Public Wi-Fi. While your PC is blocked by third party software to connect with Public Wi-Fi then you can use this VPN to bypass it.



You can thumbs up for this VPN. It will protect you from your Geo-location  and personal information being track by ISP. Its very user friendly for windows 10 user and lets user bypass internet censorship in school, colleges, company etc. IPVanish use very strong security protocol like  L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, and 256-bit AES etc. Users can use this service up to five devices simultaneously. That means users can used the same credentials for different devices like mobile, Laptop, tablet etc.

More than 40,000 ip addresses available to connect with. There servers are located in more than 60+ countries. If you in hurry to use fastest proxy service than this VPN client is for you. You will get all the encryption protocols that you can expect from a VPN. Its uses 256-bit AES encryption, with SHA-256 for authentication, and RSA 2048 encryption method so you can expect a secure connect with it.



CyberGhost VPN solution is the one of the Best VPN service for Windows devices as well as MacOS. It can hide your all internet activities and your personal identity from the hackers and reduce the chance of being tracked. You can used this VPN service when you used to visit torrent downloading site and your IP and location will be safe. CyberGhost free version is also performed very well for me but if you want to visit the web with more security features than you need to purchase it. It has 830 servers located in 29 countries. so, there service will obviously faster than others. If you are looking for the Best VPN service than you can also choose this one also.

I would like to say that its an budget VPN service where you can get maximum security only for $5 per anum. It will also allow you to spoof your IP address and stay safe from ISP. In speaking to the technical part its using OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit AES encryption by default. cyberghost

Betternet VPN

In the top 10 VPN list there is an another one VPN which you can say the beast. That is Betternet VPN solution. It comes with both free and paid as well. This VPN service is surely the one of the best free VPN clients available around the web. You can use this service on the both platform Mobile and PC as well. It will hide your IP address randomly and let you visit the restricted websites in your region and your IP will safe from being caught.  As per the sources report Betternet vpn is the one of the most used Mobile VPN around the web. This is the one of the low cost VPN if you compared it to the other VPN service.

There servers is mainly located on US and it will let you connect through the optimal servers chosen by Betternet service. It will let you enjoy Faster internet access and up to 5 simultaneous connections.


Avira Phantom VPN

So, at last we are going to talk about one of the most wanted free VPN service which is known for its quality service and features. Avira let you enjoy up to 500MB of free monthly data transfer limit per user. If you have registered account with avira website then, you can use up to 1 GB free data. The free service also provides secure, encrypted and anonymous access to the internet on your windows PC as well as Android devices.

I would like to say that this is the one of the most trusted VPN service for personal use and it ensures that non for your personal data and information are tracked by other ISP. Its very light weight and easy to use in Windows Machine.


So, at last i will say that these are the Best VPN service available for Windows 10 and i had experienced with those services over the last 5 years. You can use any of the above VPN to visit the web safely. Once you have active the VPN service on your system and it will let you visit the web anonymously. If you have any doubt or confuse about it then please let us know in the comment section.

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