Best Things you Can do with Microsoft's Edge Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the one of the most use browser in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are the two different Browser in Windows 10. Edge Browser include a lots of features and you can do lots of things in Edge which you can’t do in Internet Explorer. I hope after reading this article you may switch your default browser to Microsoft Edge. Why Microsoft Edge?? Coz speed of the browser is the most important thing when you’re Browsing the web. So here is the 10 Things you can do with Microsoft’s Edge in Windows 10.

Use Cortana with Microsoft’s Edge browser

Probably you may know how to use Cortana, You can setup cortana with your Edge Browser. You can enable personal assistant directly inside of Edge. To enable this option Just simply go to settings>View advanced settings. and then scroll down to the Cortana option. After Enable this Settings you can ask anything in Cortana into the search bar at the top of Edge.

Change the Default Search Engine to

Microsoft Edge comes with the Default Search Engine but you can change it any moment. Most of the people like to use as their default search Engine. To change the search engine you have to add as search engine to Edge. You can change the search engine by simply going to the Search Engine you want to add. Most of the search Engine Supported by Microsoft’s Edge. But remember one thing before you add a search engine you have to use the search engine then edge will detect the search engine and add it to the List. To change the Search Engine you have to simply go to Settigns>View advanced settings> search in the address bar  and click on Add New.

Open PDF File On  Edge browser

Now You can read any Kind of PDf file on Edge browser without any kind of third parties software installation. Which is the One of the great advantage of Microsoft Edge. Edge Browser allow you to open pdf in full view mode, you can open PDF file on Edge By Drag and Drop method.

Write note and Take Screen shoot on any website

Microsoft’s Edge browser which is the one of the most user friendly web browser for Students. Edge allow you to take a quick note, write any thing on a website  and take screen directly on a website. There is also a lots of features  include in this browser such as when you click on the Edit icon at the Top right corner of the browser, a purple bar will appear, in that some tools are available to use such as draw, highlight, erase, make notes, take screen shoots etc.

Share Links to Facebook, twitter and More

When we browsing the web some time we get in to very helpful webpage and we thought that might helpful for our friends too so then we like to share the articles link through Facebook and Twitter. Edge share icon allow you to that easily and whenever you want to share.

Before doing that just make sure that the appropriate Social media apps downloaded on you PC. You can download any social media website Apps from Windows Store easily. Just logged in to the apps, then share Website links through Share icon that appears on the Right top corner. You can also send the link too your friends via One note, through Email, and through other Apps also.

Read Article on Microsoft’s Edge without Distraction

Some time Advertisements and other related post pop-up, video Add Distract a lot to read an article. But Hopefully now you can get ride of all those things by using Microsoft Edge. There is a option in the Toolbar called Reading View by enabling this option you can read Article without any Distraction. you can also manage the Reading View through the settings option in the Three dot Menu, where you can change the color of the background and the size of the font.

Pin Your website to Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu Pretty cool and sexy. Where you can drop a Apps that you access easily for save your time. You can do it easily by clicking on Pin to Start in Edge three dot menu. After pinned a website in to the start menu, just give a clink on the Start menu icon and your website will appear in E icon.

Change Theme Microsoft Edge

There is no option to change the theme of the browser but You can do that by changing the look of the browser. To change the look of your browser Simply go to the three dot menu, Settings  and change the look from the Choose a theme option.

Better way to manage you Tabs

Edge has a better option to mange your current and closed Tabs which is really a great features. Just simply give a right Click on any tab you wish to do see options to open recently closed Tabs, Closed Tabs to the Right of the current Tab you selected,  refresh all tabs, duplicate the tab you selected, and move the selected tab to a new window. Which is really a great way to manage your Tabs.

I hope after reading this article you may fall in love With Microsoft’s Edge. Which Will give you more user friendly experience than other web browser. ok thanks for reading this article.


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