Probably sometimes your are facing error when you Send the large file over the Internet. If you are looking for the Best Online File sharing Website then here it is. Here we are going to Talk about Best P2P File sharing Website Which are Very fast and Reliable to send large files over the Internet. These are the Best Website to Send the Large File without a penny. There are lots of Online File sharing sites Available for Free but these are the Best that i found after a long research. You can pick any website from below and Share your Large for your friends Easily.

How to Send Large Files instantly over the internet

Here are going to talk about only Peer-to-peer(P2P) file sharing service. Where you send the Files to another PC for Instant Download. So, this service are totally browser base, no third parties software or Installation needed, no waiting for uploading and downloading just Drag and Drop the Files to the Browser and Download it. So, Please have a look in the Following File Sharing Sites.

Files Over Miles

File Sharing SitesFiles Over Miles is the one of the Best P2P file sharing website that i use regularly to send my Files instantly. Basically Files over Miles shares file between two browser, Just select your file and send the link to another person he Will download the File instantly. Like any other service Files Over miles is also very simple and free to use. There is no secret behind this service just upload the file to Files Over Miles server and the site automatically create a new link to download your File. Copy the link and send it to the another Computer that’s it. The another person can download the file until you closed the browser. So, this Websites is very easy to send files and hope this is the best File Sharing Site. By using this Website you can send big files to another computer.


There is also an another Great site to File Transfer is WeTransfer. Which allow user to Send Big Files easily. This File sharing service is available in two categories, WeTransfer Free and WeTransfer Premium Where you can Send Files up to 2GB. In this Site you can Upload your files for 7 days.


Infinit is an another Great P2P file sharing tool that’s allow user to send Large Files to any other PC. Just Simply Drag a file and Drop it, and File Transfer Process Will begin automatically once the user accept the incoming File.