Best local server software for your Windows computer to use locally

Did you know that you can convert your PC in to a local server by installing local server environment or localhost software. The way is very simple to convert  your windows computer into a local server machine.  Two years back i personally used the exact same method to learn WordPress Blog. These days most of the WordPress theme designers and plugins developers used this method to get done their work easily. So, by using localhost you can get quick response to your server easily because its does’t required internet connection. There are lots of local server software available for windows and Mac user by using those software you can test your website before make the site available to the public.

In this article we are going to discuss about some local server software which are available for free. After installing this software you can install wordpress, Joomla, drupal and other php script on your computer. This local server environment allow you to access the website locally if you want to make your site live then you need to buy webhosting and domain.

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Here we are going to talk about two local host environment along with their features.   WAMP and XAMPP.

What is WAMP and XAMPP?

WAMP and XAMPP is local server environment which are includes Apache web server along with PHP and MYSQL features. Both the software is good to setup your own local server environment but you no need to use both the software just single one is enough to install wordpress.

How to install XAMPP local server on your Desktop for setup WordPress Blog

First of all you need to download the XAMPP server to your PC. You can download the software from their official webpage. XAMPP is available for windows, linux and Mac user and you can select you compatible version for your PC. So, here is the quick tutorial to install XAMPP server on your desktop PC.

XAMPP includes various other packages like Tomcat, Filezilla, Mercury including Apache, MYSQL, PHP and Perl.

Open the installer package of the software which you are downloading from the above link then follow the below instructions to complete the installation process, Just install the software as others..

[note: if you are already running an antivirus program then it may slow down your PC while installing this software and make it continue to keep running the installation process]

Best local host server

When you see the above features just select all the features and click on the next option to make this installation running. [ Don’t unchecked the Apache, MYSQL, Php, Php My Admin option]xampp Once You complete all the process then make sure that your windows Firewall allow access to this software. If you notice any kind of Firewall Pop-up message then make sure that you are allowing access for all the block features.

Here i am using XAMPP control panel v3.2.1, if you are using later version of this software then some features may not be available for you. So, our aim is to installing WordPress blog on our computer so you need to start the Apache and MYSQL server at the very beginning. local server software

To run a wordpress blog locally you need Apache and MYSQL server so make sure that you enable both the features before running WordPress on your computer. Once you successfully connected to those server then you can open your web browser and try to open the below given link locally.

http:://localhost or if the link is open for you without internet connection then XAMPP working fine for you.  Here i am skip some steps because as a beginner you no need to configure more options.

So, now where to install your WordPress file. There is a XAMPP folder on your C Drive which is created by default when you installing XAMPP on your PC. Open it and you will get to notice an another folder called htdocs, here you can install the WordPress file by unzip it. Which is look like this C:xampphtdocs

[note: Just make a new folder i.e. wordpress to install wordpress and connect your wp-config file to the MYSQL database and configure it]

http:://localhost/phpmyadmin by visiting this link you can get the MYSQL database structure, create a new database for your newly setup wordpress blog and configure it properly.

Hope the above method is working fine for you and in our next article we are going to cover more about WAMP server and how to configure it. If you have and query about XAMPP then please feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

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