Number of Linux user increases day by day because of its features and availability. Now a days lots of youth uses Linux for their development and coding purpose. There are lots of OS develop by Linux but Ubuntu is still very popular among those OS. If you are a hard core developer then you may know the power of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 15 is my favorite i personally use it for server management and other development task. There are lot more reason why you should use Ubuntu but here we are going to talk about the Best internet Download Manager for Ubuntu.

Internet download manager is all time favorite for windows user but if you are new to the Linux world then you may probably looking for the best download manager for Ubuntu right??.. There are lots of download manager available for Linux and still few of them are free. Internet download manager or Free download manager is the one of the most important software for internet user. So here we are going to talk about the best download manager for Ubuntu and the installation process of those download manager. You can use the following mentioned free download manager on your Linux Desktop to download files from internet. So please have a look below…

Best Internet Download Manager for Ubuntu

In this article we are going to talk about the best free internet download manager for Linux OS.

Xtreme Download Manager

The XDM- Xtreme Download manager is the one of the most popular download manager for Ubuntu which can speed up your download speed up to 200%. So we can this is the very popular download manager for Linux which is written in Java Programming Language. To install this IDM on your desktop you should follow the below commands..

You can use this IDM on Youtube, Vimeo and MetaCafe to download videos and songs from those website. This tool also supports pausing and resuming features while downloading files and also you can use this tool with chrome and Mozilla.

UGet Download Manager

UGet download manager is available for both the windows and Linux user. You use command line to use this IDM for downloading files. UGet also supports FTP, torrent and metalink. UGet is available for free to download from its official website, follow the below code to install it into your desktop.

So now we can say this is the another great IDM for Linux operating system. Its also supports maximum number of files at once to download.

Down Them All

Down them all is a Firefox Plugin which is the one of the most widely used plugin as download manager for Linux. It is very fast to download files as per the review its increase the download speed up to 300%.

As i had mentioned earlier its a Firefox Plugin. So you have to download Mozilla Firefox first to use this plugin. To download this plugin you can simply visit the Mozilla extension service page and then search the Plugin to install it.

Steady Flow

Steady Flow is the another Free download manager which supports multiple file downloading process at once, you can pause the downloading files to resuming it later. Moreover its very easy to use and nice GUI in-built features with GTK+Library. To install the manger on your desktop just open the Terminal and follow the below code to install it


Curl is a tool which is being used to download files from server by using any of the supported protocols. This tool is designed to work without user interaction or any kind of interactivity. This tool is comes with lots of features like Proxy Support, user authentiction, ftp, HTTP post and more.

To install it on your desktop just follow the command below…

Wxdownload Fast

Wxdownload Fast which is also known as wxDFast. This is an multi platform builds software and working well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. By using this tool you can download any files with several pieces. First download the full package from any trusted platform and then follow the below command line.


MultiGet is an easy-to-use GUI file downloader for Windows/Linux/BSDs/MacOs. It’s programmed in C++ and has a GUI based on wxWidgets.