Best Free Word to Pdf Converter software for Windows 10

Ms Office or MS word is the Most Popular Software By Microsoft. Every Windows User can install and use and as well as it is also available for other platform too. So in this Article we going to discuss about the Best Popular software for Word to Pdf transformation. if you have any important material on Your PC as a Documents and you want to convert it to Pdf for future use then this article might helpful for you. Your Ms Office File may not compatible with every office suits so its better to take a Pdf copy for future purpose.

The Best way to convert a Doc file to pdf is Word to Pdf Converter software. You can open a Pdf file form any pdf reader so its a great method to preserved you file. Microsoft Edge and some other Browser have custom pdf Reader. So you can Open a Pdf file through you web Browser in Windows 10.

Ms Office 2007 don’t have the option to save it as Pdf But you can enable it manually But Office 10 and Some latest version have the option to save it as Pdf. But the Cost of Ms office is to high for a Normal user. Today in this post I am going to share some Best Best Word to Pdf Converter software for Windows 10.

Word to Pdf Converter software for Windows

Ok Here are the Best Free Word to Pdf Converter software that you can use it for free. These  Word to Pdf Converter software let you create PDF files easily from Any other Doc to PDf files. These Pdf Converter are totally free for Windows 10 and any other version of Windows. By using these software you can convert Doc to Pdf/ Image to PDf or Pdf to Doc including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, GIF etc.

7-PDF Maker

7 PDF maker for windows 10

7-PDF Maker is the one of the most popular PDF converter which is available for free. You can use this software normally like other software. you don’t need any other installation to use this PDF converter.  Just run the software, select the Word document that you want to convert, change the settings, and You done.

Method to Convert Word To PDF file

*Convert to PDF through GUI: How to use this software?? First run this software and select the file you want to convert to PDF file. In this tool you can specify various option like settings for the Page that you want to convert, Choose image compression an resolution, save the PDF in PDF/A-1 format, security access etc.

*Bulk PDF converter: This software includes two methods to bulk convert DOC or DOCX to PDF. In windows 10 You can use integration, select multiple files and right click on them  to add on the bulk converter. You can also add a batch file and then do bulk conversion through command line utility.

Quick Word to Pdf

A quick Software called Quick Word to Pdf which is the one of the most simple and powerful tool to convert a word file to PDF. This Tool include a lots of features like conversion of batch file, You can Convert Many files by a simple click.

Both Premium and Free Versions are available and free versions also enough features for normal user. word-to-pdf-converters

Dixillion Document Converter for Windows 10

This is the one of the most dedicated Word to Pdf converter. you can convert many type types of File in to PDF like doc, docx, pdf, wps and more. For Personal use this the most powerful tool to convert Word file to Pdf. To convert a file to Pdf you have to open the software to do the conversion. You can right click on a file and start to convert right from the Upcoming menu.

There is also a free version available for normal user the free version is very-light weight witn only 800 KB of size. This is the One of the most suitable Word to Pdf Converter for Windows 10 user. This is also available for Mac user. Premium version supports batch file conversion process so now it is possible to convert lots of file to PDF.word-to-pdf-converters

Foxit Reader

This is the very suitable tool that’s lets You read as well as convert PDF files. you can download this software normally like any other software and start making your own PDF File. There is one more option that install a pdf printer as well as  save as Pdf button for making PDF from word. Which input various document formats are also supported to create PDF from DOC or DOCX file. To create a PDF file through this software you have to just open it in MS word and click on “Create PDF” from “Foxit Reader PDF” menu. This will convert your Current Doc file to PDF.

This software also support drag and Drop down features. Just drop a Word file in bulk on its window and your file will automatically converted to PDF’s. and you can save the converted PDF file to your Computer.

Foxit Reader pdf converter

PDF24 Creator

This is very fast software to convert your Word file To PDF which i use earlier, now i used office 10 so i uninstalled it. To convert Word documents to Pdf with its just install this software. Which also include virtual printer option. When you print a document you can select PDF 24 as Current printer option from the printer list. When you click Print button, a new dialog box will open and here you can set parameters like quality etc. Click “Save as PDF” button to save the file in PDF format ok Now  you done.

PDF24 creator for windows 10

So, now you may convert word to PDf File. which is the very essential tool for us. If you facing problems to create a PDF file don’t forget to use the above mentioned tool. If you still facing problems on it please leave your comment below.

So for Today These Tools are enough for Word to Pdf Converter. Hope this little artticle might helpful for you. Ok Thanks For Reading This Tutorial.

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