Do you need more security for your Smartphone? yes Why not.. this short tutorial can save you from Losing your sensitive data through online or offline. Android smart phone user increased day by day so its very important to know about your Android Security Apps. Mobile phone security has been playing a major role among the smart phone user and you must need online security for your Android Mobile. Why online Mobile security?? You may use your smart phone to store your files, important documents, your emails and important messages. If you are not careful about your phone Security then malicious hackers can stole your files and data at any moment. In recent years, hackers use Android Remote tracker to control your smart phone. That’s Why Online Android Security Apps is very essential for your smart phone.

Every smart phone user have their own online or offline identity. If your smart phone is being stolen and you don’t have Security Apps or Apps Locker on your smart phone then any one can use your Mobile. So, what step you should take before your Mobile is being hacked or stolen. Myself not hacking so i don’t know much more about the internal security of your Android device. But here i mentioned some Security tips that might be helpful for you.

Best Android Security Tips to Increase your Phone Security

So here are the few personal security Tips for you that can give you more security experience.

  1. Do not save all of your Important password on your Device.
  2. Try to use in-built security features of your mobile.
  3. Lock your important files and Apps.
  4. Use Android Security Apps to increase  your security of your Mobile.
  5. Always try to keep a backup of your Mobile.

Ok, these are the 5 basic Tips that you can use to increase your Mobile security. Moreover you can use Best Android Security Apps and Screen Locker for more security features.

Best Android Security Apps and Screen Locker

360 Security: Android 360 security is the one of the most best Internet Security App that offers full security features for your smart phone. More than 200 million users use this Free Security Protection App this is not only the security Protection App its also increase the speed of your smart phone. This is the only App which offers you Phone security and speed boosting Both. If your device is running slow then install 360 to increase the speed of your mobile.

Features of 360 Security App

  • Scans for every newly install application, memory card, files and folder. Security protection against viruses, adware, malware, trojan and more.
  • Junk File cleaner that’s delete all the unnecessary and cache files from your mobile to increase the speed of your mobile phone.
  • Free memory boosting service in an one click.
  • After all 360 security App provides you lot of features like Anti-theft, Privacy, Real time protection and more.

App Lock: Another one  of the best offline security Application is App lock. Which allow you to enable security lock for every application you like to use. The user can only access the application after entering the correct password. You may know about Android pattern lock this the one of those where you can enable pattern lock for your every application that you like to do. By using this application you can hide and customize your App view. This app allows you to received call and incoming files if you know the correct password or pattern.

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