Best Top Free VPN Service for Windows 10 PC
Virtual Private Network which is commonly known as VPN service. While we are surf the web Internet service providers used to collect our Personal details like Name, Location, IP Information etc etc. For some reason we Basic Internet users don’t like to collect our personal details by the Service providers. Every time we visit the web… (0 comment)

So, Finally Ubuntu 17.04 is on hand and here we are going to discuss about some amazing features of Ubuntu 17.04 that you can try for sure. Ubuntu 17.04 the code name is Zesty Zapus. Long term Ubuntu user who like to play with code for them this version will be awful. So, First things first once you… (0 comment)

The Next most awaited Ubuntu version 17.10 which is scheduled to release on Oct 19, 2017. So, Here we going to tell you about some more interesting features of Ubuntu 17.10 which we are collect from various sources. But we are not pretty sure about what features we will get from this version but we… (0 comment)

Hello Geeks, After a long period of time here we are going to talk about some windows 10 features which is recently launched by Microsoft. As we can see there are new Windows 1o features are launched every day. So, Here we can see there is a new Features pop-up in the storage section from where… (0 comment)

Superfish adware is the one of the most unwanted software program that open some kind of shopping site and nude images site for the user. In other words that helps user to find cheap  products online, lots of people hate this and they want it to remove from their computer. Sometime it happens only for chrome… (0 comment)

After upgrading my PC to windows 10 my Wi-Fi hotspot stop working. So, in this article we are going to share about how to create Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10. Most of us have Broadband internet connection or dongle connection so they need to create a wi-fi hotspot to connect their other devices. i have… (0 comment)

Today, internet marketing and other online money earning service has become so popular that every one knows about it. There are lots of platform and opportunities to earn money online. Some of them are trusted and others are fake. But, today in this article we are going to talk about some online services that genuinely… (0 comment)

This is the tutorial for Genesis Framework user to Customize and Edit Genesis Eleven 40 Pro theme. Genesis Eleven 40 Pro is the one of the premium theme from This days lots of bloggers use this eleven 40 pro theme. All the Genesis theme is pretty same so you no need to worry about it. If… (0 comment)

Most of us usage Mobile device to get connected with Internet. From morning to night our mobile is always connected with the internet connection to browse the web and get connected with Facebook and WhatsApp. In India the price of Mobile data plan is so high that we can’t recharge our mobile phone everyday. So, it’s not… (0 comment)