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Happy Sunday from Software Expand! In this week’s edition of Feedback Loop, we talk about the future of Windows Phone, whether it makes sense to build media centers discuss the preferences for metal vs. plastic on smartphones. All that and more past the break the proof of concept.

Just because you can do something, should you? Samsung thinks so. Its second experimentally screened phone taps into its hardware R&D and production clout to offer something not many other companies can make.


The same high-resolution (2,560 – 1,600) screen — we’re certain a mere 1080p “Plus” curved display.

And so, following the Galaxy Round, here’s the Galaxy Edge. If you take the basic shape and concept, it’s the spitting image of the curved-screen Youm prototype spied at CES a little less than two years ago.

Now, though, it’s a for-real smartphone you can buy. I’ve been testing it out in Japan, where it launched instead of the Note 4, although both the Note 4 and the Note Edge will eventually be available in the US. Fortunately.

Galaxy Note Edge is how much it resembles the Note 4

The ability to shrink the likes of Chrome and Google Maps to a popup window and layer it on top of other apps is also useful; I’d love to see something similar on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Despite the unusual, curved screen, it still packs all of the good things that made the Note 4 such a strong choice. But bragging rights aside, is there enough of an argument for a curved screen? Should you just get the Note 4 anyway?


Galaxy Note 4 because the setup is identical here. Yes running on Android 4.4 KitKat.

The exploration of space stands as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. While history has hailed the men and women who reached the cosmos, and those who helped them get there, much of the infrastructure that sent them skyward lies forgotten and dilapidated.

[quote_right]Galaxy Note 4 running Android 4.4 KitKat.[/quote_right]

And how does Apple’s biggest phone compare to the Note Edge? Well, both remain unwieldy to grip, and the Note Edge is wider. However, the edged screen nuzzles into my hand better and those software tweaks mentioned above give it the advantage. However, just like the stylus, there’s a while before you get the knack of all the little provisions Samsung’s made to ease users into this screen size.

Roland Miller has spent nearly half his life chronicling these landmarks before they are lost forever long been obsessed with space as a child, he dreamed of being an astronaut.


Its curves are subjective and divisive; my friends and colleagues have offered up reactions ranging from outright bemusement to adoration. The screen looks great, with the punchy contrast and sharpness that’s been a Samsung flagship mainstay for years. We’ll get back to that edge, but it’s the headline part of a 5.6-inch Quad-HD+ display.

This means a little chunk of extra screen makes the phone just less than 4mm wider, and around 2mm shorter, than the Note 4.


Both come with software tricks like shrinkable keyboards as well as a new, tiny floating menu that can be stuck to the outer edge of the screen. This duplicates the capacitive button row, which could be a solution of sorts for lefties.

I can even make this secondary menu transparent, allowing me to maintain all that screen space. The ability to shrink the likes of Chrome and Google Maps to a popup window and layer it on top of other apps is also useful I’d love to see something similar on the iPhone 6 Plus.


If you’re looking to learn more about the stylus’ uses, I’d advise a quick read of Brad’s Galaxy Note 4 review, because the setup is identical here. Yes, there are TouchWiz bits running on Android 4.4 KitKat, but Samsung continues to clear away unnecessary bloat and options.

It’s still a work in progress, though, and I feel the settings menus are particularly obtuse compared to other Android phones — and especially iOS. It takes some getting used to.

The Galaxy Note Edge grabs your attention. Its curves are subjective and divisive; my friends and colleagues have offered up reactions ranging from outright bemusement to adoration.

But let’s focus on what’s different here: that edge. There are two display modes you can flit between: a slender, unassuming bar that can display a customized message and a more substantial column that attempts to offer extra functionality, notifications or context-dependent menus for certain apps, like the camera.

The front-facing camera is also a top-end sensor compared to the competition, 3.7 megapixels with an f/1.9 lens.

While I’m not a huge selfie taker, you’ll have to ask our Senior Selfie Editor, but I do take a whole lot of photos with my smartphone, so I was interested to see how Samsung’s newest smartphone camera handled.

The same high-resolution 2,560 – 1,600 screen we’re certain 1080p “Plus” curved display.

When it’s expanded, the UI is a basic row of icons, which you can navigate with a little swipe. This may look a little unusual, but swishing through the various mini-screens is immensely satisfying.

And how does Apple’s biggest phone compare to the Note Edge? Well, both remain unwieldy to grip, and the Note Edge is wider. However, the edged screen nuzzles into my hand better and those software tweaks mentioned above give it the advantage.

However, just like the stylus, there’s a while before you get the knack of all the little provisions Samsung’s made to ease users into this screen size.

The screen is marginally smaller than the Note 4, despite the cranked-up pixel count. Like the Note 4, text pops a little more, and pictures you take with the 16MP camera are obviously better replicated on the Note Edge’s screen.

All told, it’s an excellent camera. The image stabilizing works well on all the neon lights that pepper Tokyo, while even people were neatly captured. There’s some noise, but it compares favorably against older Galaxy phones. Daylight meant effortless captures and some really nice shots, if I say so myself.

Focus was swift, and auto white balance seemed to gauge scenes perfectly. If you have a proclivity for HDR, rest assured the Edge does an excellent job there.

The shades are still a little overdone, but you can choose from a few custom color palettes if you’re not a fan of high-contrast menus and photos.

How To get Unlimited health in PUBG Mobile- Tricks

Now PUBG Mobile Game is very popular among the young Gamers across the world. PUBG Mobile has more than 50 million download in Google Play store and still counting. After the Mobile Legends Bang Bang this is the one of the most downloaded Game in Play Store. Most of the time we have seen that some Chinese Players are coming with unlimited life that killed your whole squads. So, in this article we are going to discuss how to get unlimited health in PUBG Mobile without the MOD App. With the latest update PUBG has released a new map for the Gamers called SANHOK. If you have Played on Sanhok then you might have seen many enemies have unlimited life and ultimate killing skill. So, some of them are bots and some are real hackers and they have unlimited health and weapons. So, in this article we are not going to talk about How to Hack PUBG Mobile instead we will discuss how to get unlimited pubg health by using some easy tricks.

PUBG Mobile hack 2018 ultimately a trick which you can use for unlimited life and instant killed. There is a chinese version released the update before the English version. There are some kind of players which are eagerly waiting for the next upcoming version where you will get the New Design, Map and vehicle. These days PUBG Mobile is the on of the most popular game among the young stars. Tencent and Pubg Corporation had released the PUBG pc version long ago. After a massive hit they decided to released a mobile version. Since, beginning PUBG mobile has created the highest downloading game record in Asia.

PUBG Hack tricks

Players Unknown Battle Grounds is an online multiplayer Royal Game challenge which was developed by PUBG Corporation under the company name Bluehole. The PUBG game is very addictive and quite interesting and its full of amazing features. So, is it possible to hack PUBG mobile? Yes, it is possible to Cheat PUBG Mobile by using mods, you can use cheat such as aimbots improved, wallhacks and kill accuracy. Basically PUBG is an online gaming which is operated under the Tancent Gaming servers. So, it is not possible to hack PUBG mobile practically. But is possible to make some changes in the game settings that you can operate the Game easily.

PUBG WallHack

The PUBG wall hack mod is very popular cheat among the players. By using this trick players can see the enemies through the wall so they can easily kill enemies who are hiding behind the wall. This is the very common PUBG Hack most of players use to cheat. Wall hack trick is such a easy trick that you can easily loot more items through the wall. wall hack PUBG Mobile games come with modded app that you have to download it from Third Party website which are using chinese server to play the Game. The Modded games has been modified such a way that are easily run in any kind of android device. But the core function of the Game is developed by some chinese developers so once you start playing this PUBG modded Game then most probably you have to play with the Chinese Players.

AIM Bots for PUBG Mobile

Most probably you have seen in many Game play that some players shooting enemies with a miss. So, what comes in to your mind??? Yes, they use Aim Bots for auto aiming and firing. If you use this trick then the Aim bots will automatically aim and shoot for you. This is the one of the most popular hack in PUBG Mobile which is commonly used in chinese servers. Once you get such a trick then it will obviously increase your survival time in the Game.

If you use Both the trick at the same time then it will increase the chances to Get the Chicken dinner easily. Recent PUBG update has banned the PUBG Hack trick for mobile. If you find the working one then you are lucky enough for today.


Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars in India.

Now a days Buying and Domain name is very easy process. If you want to have a domain name for your business then you can easily register a domain name you want. Yes now in India you can buy a domain from any Domain Registrars without having a credit card and Paypal. There are so many Domain Registrars are available in India which are very reliable and provide Domain for cheap price.. At the same time i would also like to mentioned you that while you purchase a domain name you should always go for the trusted Domain Providers. In India there  are some domain providers which are really doing good and provide quality service for the customers. So, in this article we are going to discuss about the Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars in India which are really user friendly service providers till date.

Tips: Here i have a small tip for all of you who want to buy a Domain in India. Here we Indian always looking for the quality service in the best price. Yes such Domain Providers exist for India and some companies gives you discount on the first purchase. But the thing is that you have to notice before you buying a domain name is the Renewal Price. Some Domain Registrars provide domain name for cheap price but their renewal price is much higher than your budget. So, we always need to look in to the Renewal Price before buying a domain name.

As i had told you that there are so many Domain Providers in India. So, choosing the best and reliable one is not easy for newbies. Here we are to guide you to buy a Domain name from cheapest and best domain names registrars on the internet right now. Here i can Guarantee you that these are the best 10 quality service providers that you can go for..

all hosting review

Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Domain Registrars

Here is the some leading domain name provides for India from where you can buy a domain name easily. Just read the details that we have mentioned below and you will get to know about the best Domain Providers for India.

Godaddy India

Godaddy a US based company has doing their business in India since 2009. The company has their business in many countries, In India Godaddy is the leading company in this business. First thing first, i have mentioned it in the first of the top 10 list because of its customer service. Yes, they have well trained experts to provide customer service. In India the company has both the Hindi and English option to serve their customer. You have any queries related to their service then you can ask them in Hindi too. Because we Indian many of us still don’t have much technical knowledge. So, the company is very Good at customer service. If you are new customer and want to buy a domain name from Godaddy then you can easily get some discount on your first purchase. If you didn’t get their offer on your first buy then you can ring to them and they will offer you discount coupon. In terms of price the company is still managed to provide .com domain under Rs. 149 and their .com domain renewal price is around Rs. 625. However Godaddy still comes on top if you compare it to the other domain name service providers.

BigRock India

In the top of the second there is an another very well known company Bigrock which is the India’s most popular and no one Domain Registrars. Most of the times in festival season Bigrock Offers discount coupon for the customers also they provide hosting servers as well. I would like to say that this is the one of the budget Domain name providers in India. Bigrock has different types of plans for registration in different types of domain names. There domain plans starting with Rs. 99/- plans. Yes, Bigrock offers .in domain Registration for the first year is only Rs. 99/-. . They also provide hosting service for cheap price. You can get their any hosting package as your requirement and we can pay them monthly, quarterly, half yearly. As i had told you that Bigrock is the budget domain providers in India not only the domains you can get the Various types of Hosting service from them. They company has very well trained customer service provider and they are best in your problem. If you want to Buy a .Com domain name in a great discount then lets check here.

Hostgator India

Hostgator Most of you may be hard before about this company, yes they are the first US based company to provide Domain Registrars service in India. Yes, this is the one of the most controversial company to provide service in India. Back in 2012 the company had many technical issues but now they are quite good at their services. I think hostgator is the one of the best service provider in India for a very reasonable price. You can get your domain from the company within Rs. 499/- . They have different types of plan for different domain names. This is the one of the most dedicated company in providing customer services in India. Their experts are always ready to give you the quick solution as well. They provide both the Domain and Hosting service for the customer in a very reasonable price. Well, their hosting packages starts from just Rs. 400 per month. They provide different hosting services for the customers like Linux servers, windows servers and more. If you want to get their service in a great then you can check the below mentioned link to grab your offer.


Let me introduce you to an another Domain Registrars which is very well know in India. From many years bluehost has been providing Domain and Hosting service in India. The company has became success in built their trust among the customers. Bluehost India always provides amazing offers to the customers. There are some many other companies still there but Bluehost provides the best deals to the customers. If you don’t have a debit or credit card then you can pay directly to their Bank account and they will give you the excess to the service. If you visit bulehost for the very first time then you can get 30% discount on your first buy. Technical service experts says that blue host always provide speed and server uptime to their hosting servers. There servers are located in many places like US, London, Singapore. I will recommend you to always go for the US based servers coz the US based servers response time are always fast and quick. If you want a deal with Bluehost then here we mentioned a link below and you will get a great discount deal from it.


Another US Based company that you may be heard of. Dream host is best in providing hosting services but you can also get Domain name from them. Dreamhost services price are always lower and they constantly added new service to the customers. Bluehost have superb customer support and they always meets the technical needs and also have friendly support option as well. The company has still managed to impressed their customers for their service speed and quality in their services. If you have any issues related to your service like service installation website migration you can reach out to the Customer service Team through email support. Dreamhost has been able to beat up their top competitors like Godaddy, Bigrock in the recent years. For every new customers they provide 40% instant discount for their services. The .com domain registration fees starts from $11.95 and the renewal price is around $13. If you want a discount for their services then you can check in to their below discount links.


Namecheap is the one of the another famous Domain name providers in India and lots people use them. Namecheap offers great deal for small segment business they don’t have lots of services but the services they offers are really cheap in Price. You can buy any kind of domains from them and the hosting services they are provide are really  good and available for very reasonable price. They provides live support for the customers if have faced any issues related to their domain and hosting then you get the instant support from the live chat. Namecheap is the another great choice for the beginners. Namecheap domain registration starts from Rs. 650/- per year. Here is the great news is that they accept bitcoin payment as well.  I hope this is the another great payment option for the customers, i am pretty sure that every one will love it. There service performance very good that’s why the company is doing great in India. If you need a domain name in a great discount then click on the below link.


One of the world most oldest Domain Registrars till date. Facebook.com the domain name was hosted in Network solution in the beginning. There services are really worth for money coz the company has been managed to doing its business from a long back. They have different prices for different domain names. Generally the prices are little bit higher than the other Domain name providers, coz they have to offer great support and secure platform for the customers. Network solution is not the cheapest, but they have very reliable pricing plans for the customers. Network Solution also allows you to buy the expired domains as well. If you are still searching for the most secure hosting services then Network solution is for you.


This is an another very Good service providers for registering a domain name. They have offer cheapest domain name registration and service as compared to the other Domain name providers. Domain.com is also in my top 10 list because of their pricing plan which is the best value for money. Domain.com is basically not for the Indian customers but Indian customers can also get their domain services by making payment through Paypal, Visa, Master cards, Discover, American Express etc. For more details about the company you can visit to their website at Domain.com. I have not use their services yet but this is the another  reputed company in my concern.


Recently Reseller.com has entered to the Indian markets to provide their services.  The company has more than 2 million registered users all over the world. The company offers  very amazing offers to the customers , they also provide extra security service to the users , Free cloud Storage, SSL certificate, webbuilding tools and many more. Although the customer service is now based on US and it’s available 24/7. You can get reseller.com coupon and discount deals for your first buy.

A small orange

The last but nor least name of domain registrars providers in our list is A small orange. It is also an US based Internet company that offers same discount and deal for Domain name registration.  There hosting plan cost $5 per month which you can use for a very tiny website. Here you will get a free .com domain along with hosting package which other companies don’t offer. However A samll orange is still doing its business in India to beat their competitors like Godaddy and Hostgator. For more discount from A small orange you can check in to the following links below.

There are end numbers of hosting and domain name providers are available in India but Here we are mentioning  about the top 10 Domain Registrars in my list which are available for India. Hope this article will help you to choose the best Domain name providers in India.

How To Block YouTube irrelevant Boring ads

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platform around the world web. With more than billion of monthly visitors youtube has become the world most largest Video sharing platform since 2010. The most annoying part is YouTube Pre-roll ads, Which is targeting the users through videos. YouTube developers has made an algorithm to target the audience through Videos Ad; which is totally boring. The only way is to get ride of it is to subscribe for youtube red. How to skip Youtube pre-roll ads without pay for youtube red; the procedure is mentioned below.

When you see the same Video Ads for each and every video then this will make little bit boring. In this article i will show you how to get ride of Youtube ads. In our next article i will share about How to Block Youtube Ads for Chrome browser. After complete reading of  this article you will get to know How to avoid Youtube pre-roll ads without paying for youtube Red. Follow our next paragraph for more details.

Once your ads start playing then hover your mouse cursor to the i Circle logo then click on it. Ads will pause and will pop up a message with some Google Terms and conditions.  Here you will get an option to asking you which ads you want to see or  mark the option “Stop seeing this ad”.youtube ads1

After selecting this option Youtube Add will not Appear for You. Answer the next question, about whether the ad was “Inappropriate, Irrelevant, or Repetitive,” and you’ll give Google a little more data…or you can click “Close” without saying why you didn’t like the ad. It’s totally optional.youtube ads2

For YouTube mobile App you can enable the YouTube full screen mode and tap to the Stop seeing this Ad.  Then select yes and make it confirm then Pre-roll ads will get disable for you..

If you want to make disable all the Ads for you then read the next Article. How to disable YouTube ads for chrome.



How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat box in your Blog or Website

More than Billion of monthly users Facebook messenger is still growing. If you are running some kind of online Business then you may feel the importance of your Facebook Business Page. Now a days each and every business has a facebook page. If you own a Blog or Website then you can imagine a Facebook Messenger Chat box as a widget. Facebook Messenger Widget will make you easier to get reach to your clients. Customers can easily leave a message for you through this widget. This will make your Business a way bit better and you can give a response from your Mobile.

As i had already told you this widget is perfect for you. Generally in blog user has to close down the website to get reach through Facebook message. If you want to receive your clients message to you directly through messenger then this widget is perfect for you. Facebook has recently developed this widget for any kind of website or blog which is works like charm.

The Facebook Messenger Chat box for your blog

Facebook messenger chat box is a widget which will appear in the below corner of your blog. Customers can reach to you by click the small messenger icon of your Blog. Another advantage is you can show your Facebook Page like button in the Chat Box. When someone clicks on the facebook messenger icon then a chat box will pops up where visitors can send messages for you.

In this below article i will mention How to Add the Facebook Messenger Chat box in to your Blogger blog and WordPress site. This widget will work with any kind of HTML website and e-commerce site.

For blogger Platform

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Blogger Layout section.

Step 3: Click on Add a Gadget then select HTML/JavaScript Gadget.

Step 4: Copy the script from below and paste the widget code into HTML/JavaScript Gadget. Please change facebook page name or ID by locating https://www.facebook.com/fb URL and Click “Save” button.

Step 5: Press the Save arrangement button from the top

For WordPress users

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to the Appearance and then widgets

Step 3: Add a Text Widgets any where and Paste the Below code.

By this process users can send end number of messages to the page. Page owner can directly receive the message right to their messenger App. Here i mentioned the code that you have to add to your Blog to enable Facebook Messenger chat box. WordPress user can also add this chat box by adding third party plugins.

<style>.fb-livechat,.fb-widget{display:none}.ctrlq.fb-button,.ctrlq.fb-close{position:fixed;right:24px;cursor:pointer}.ctrlq.fb-button{z-index:1;background:url() center no-repeat #0084ff;width:60px;height:60px;text-align:center;bottom:24px;border:0;outline:0;border-radius:60px;-webkit-border-radius:60px;-moz-border-radius:60px;-ms-border-radius:60px;-o-border-radius:60px;box-shadow:0 1px 6px rgba(0,0,0,.06),0 2px 32px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-webkit-transition:box-shadow .2s ease;background-size:80%;transition:all .2s ease-in-out}.ctrlq.fb-button:focus,.ctrlq.fb-button:hover{transform:scale(1.1);box-shadow:0 2px 8px rgba(0,0,0,.09),0 4px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.24)}.fb-widget{background:#fff;z-index:2;position:fixed;width:360px;height:435px;overflow:hidden;opacity:0;bottom:0;right:24px;border-radius:6px;-o-border-radius:6px;-webkit-border-radius:6px;box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-webkit-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-moz-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16);-o-box-shadow:0 5px 40px rgba(0,0,0,.16)}.fb-credit{text-align:center;margin-top:8px}.fb-credit a{transition:none;color:#bec2c9;font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-decoration:none;border:0;font-weight:400}.ctrlq.fb-overlay{z-index:0;position:fixed;height:100vh;width:100vw;-webkit-transition:opacity .4s,visibility .4s;transition:opacity .4s,visibility .4s;top:0;left:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,.05);display:none}.ctrlq.fb-close{z-index:4;padding:0 6px;background:#365899;font-weight:700;font-size:11px;color:#fff;margin:8px;border-radius:3px}.ctrlq.fb-close::after{content:'x';font-family:sans-serif}</style>

<div class="fb-livechat">
  <div class="ctrlq fb-overlay"></div>
  <div class="fb-widget">
    <div class="ctrlq fb-close"></div>
    <div class="fb-page" data-href="https://www.facebook.com/assamgovt.org/" data-tabs="messages" data-width="360" data-height="400" data-small-header="true" data-hide-cover="true" data-show-facepile="false">
      <blockquote cite="https://www.facebook.com/assamgovt.org/" class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore"> </blockquote>
  <a href="https://m.me/assamgovt.org" title="Send us a message on Facebook" class="ctrlq fb-button"></a> 
<script src="https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.9"></script>
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script>$(document).ready(function(){var t={delay:125,overlay:$(".fb-overlay"),widget:$(".fb-widget"),button:$(".fb-button")};setTimeout(function(){$("div.fb-livechat").fadeIn()},8*t.delay),$(".ctrlq").on("click",function(e){e.preventDefault(),t.overlay.is(":visible")?(t.overlay.fadeOut(t.delay),t.widget.stop().animate({bottom:0,opacity:0},2*t.delay,function(){$(this).hide("slow"),t.button.show()})):t.button.fadeOut("medium",function(){t.widget.stop().show().animate({bottom:"30px",opacity:1},2*t.delay),t.overlay.fadeIn(t.delay)})})});</script>

Copy and paste the above mentioned code right to your blog. if you have any issue then please write for us in our below comment box.



BlueHost hosting Review: Cheap and Reliable Shared Hosting for WordPress

When it comes to start a Blog or website; the very first thing comes to our mind is a Good and Reliable Hosting service. There are thousand of Hosting companies out there but some of them are really cheap and reliable. After GST in India some of the web hosting companies started charging more. If you want to start Blogging in a professional level then you should select a proper web hosting company. Selecting the proper hosting service is the first step towards success in Blogging. Many of us starting blogging in wordpress. So, in this article we will write about BlueHost hosting Review which is recommend by WordPress itself.

In this Review, we will discuss about Bluehost performance and its Shared Package advantage for WordPress. For newbie i will recommend Bluehost shared package because its reliable and cheap in price. Bluehost shared hosting package can handle maximum number of traffic for a new website.

Bluehost the US based company was started back in 2003. From my personal experience over the last five years i can say that Bluehost is the “Most affordable and Reliable” webhosting. The company has more than 2 million websites hosted on it. The shared hosting package comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you can add end no of domains without any hassle. The most advantage feature is Linux cPanel with one click installation process.

The BlueHost hosting Review: well Optimized Hosting service for WordPress

Bluehost the well Optimized Hosting service for WordPress. Bluehost servers are well optimized and giving the best performance for WordPress platform; So it’s officially recommend by WordPress.org.

Features of Bluehost Shared Hosting Package

Bluehost shared hosting package start from Rs. 209 to Rs. 439 in a month. When you purchase its hosting package you can select Single domain hosing to No Limit. Blue host professional shared hosting package includes the following features.


  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited GB hosting space
  • Unlimited GB file transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free domain (for 12 months)
  • Free site builder with templates
  • Secure shell, SSL, FTP, Statistics
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • $100 Google advertising offer
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


BlueHost Pricing:

Basically for shared hosting Bluehost offers three types of Hosting services Standard, Business and pro. You can choose any one of it as your requirement, for a startup you can go for standard Plan.

From the Above Price list you can choose any plan according to your Requirements. In below I will give you a Hint if you visit Bluehost for the very first time.

  • For a single Domain or website, you can choose the “Standard” Package.
  • For three Domain or website hosting, you should purchase the “Business” Package.
  • For multiple number of Domain and Website hosting, you can go for the “Professional” Package.

For our readers BlueHost hosting Review and Discount coupon will be shared here.

Reliable Server Resources:

Bluehost’s hi-tech data center is based on Us location in avery impressive and boasts Internet connectivity over their OC-48 connection at an incredible 2GB/sec bandwidth.

Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers, Customized Apache Web Server, 24/7 Network Monitoring, with High performance power backup.

Control Panel:

For back end administration, Bluehost provides the industry recommended cPanel Account Control Panel. With its comprehensive features and intuitive design, webmasters have everything they need to easily launch and maintain their sites like FTP access, Site backups, POP3/POP3 Secure email support and Free drag and drop site builder.

Free Website Scripts:

Bluehost comes with softaculous Webscript that will easily install such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB. WordPress is available to install quickly from softaculous within a few seconds.


So, In this review we mentioned, how Bluehost provides good and reliable shared hosting for WordPress Hosting.

So do you want to purchase WordPress hosting from Bluehost? Just buy it using following discounted link; if you are NOT satisfied then you may cancel your account within 30 days and get a full refund! So,Here’s a link to get maximum benefit.

Best Android Bitcoin Miner App for Your Mobile

By the Recent rise in Bitcoins value has shocked every one. It was just about to touch $20,000 which is becoming more popular than ever. This sudden rises has created a buzz in the Digital Currency market. Many of us already bought some amount of Bitcoins and some of us has started mining. So, its a gold rush that causing everyone to gain interest towards the new digital cryptocurrency. In this article we will discuss about the Android Bitcoin Miner App for your Mobile which is available for free in the PlayStore.

So, this is best time to gain your knowledge towards cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mining is a fun and challenging hobby for me. Now its become easier to start bitcoin mining then you think before. You may hard about Mining through GPU but in this article we will show you How a Android Bitcoin Miner App can make you millionaire. In the below i will show you how to start mining Bitcoins through your Android Mobile. There are bundle of Bitcoin Miner App available for Android mobile but i will show you the best and working one. After Complete reading of this article you can mine Bitcoin without wasting your time.

Best Android Bitcoin Miner App working and tested

Here we are mentioning about some Android Bitcoin mining App which are working for me. Through this Below mentioning app you can mine Bitcoin and other Digital Currency as well.

MinerGate: In the very first i will tell you about an interesting Mining App which you can easily setup and use for quick mining. This is the one of the most advanced and features rich Bitcoin mining App. You can start mining by a single click Most promising altcoins, such as Monero and Bytecoin, wallet stats and more.Make a mobile crypto fortune with MinerGate and exchange it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins on our convenient exchange Changelly.com.

MinerGate Mobile
MinerGate Mobile
Developer: MinerGate.com
Price: Free

ArmMiner: The another one of the best and Great Bitcoin mining App is ArmMiner. This App is developed and launched by JAT Studio. From my personal experiences this is the one of best working App for Android mobile. ArMiner can mine bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, novacoin, ppcoin, feathercoin and other alternative coins. This App also supports Scrypt and SHA-256 algorithms so best for solo and pool mining.

ARM Miner Bitcoin Pro
ARM Miner Bitcoin Pro
Developer: JAT Studio
Price: €9,99

CoinMiner: This is the one of the best Mining app for your Mobile from where you can mine Bitcoin  and litecoins. You will get two different option to start mining. For example, dogecoin is a variant of litecoin so you should select litetcoin on the radio button and specify the url for your dogecoin pool. This App will use unused hardware resources and turn your phone in to a mini mining machine. Hash rate is little bit slow but for Bitcoin and Litecoin its work perfectly. By using this App you can mine few coins a day.

Coin Miner pro
Coin Miner pro
Developer: YCdroid
Price: €0,97

Electroneum Miner: The US base digital currency company has recently launched its own Mobile mining App. This app is best for Electroneum Coin mining. I will personally recommend this App for you because pool mining working great with this App. The Company will launched its new Android Bitcoin Miner App by the first of January.

Developer: EtnPooler
Price: Free

Now Bitcoin is about to crossed $20,000 mark so this is the best time for you to mine Bitcoin. If you need more help about  Android Bitcoin Miner App then please leave your comment below.

How to Share Contact information over Text Message on iPhone

Apple iPhone X has recently booming the market at the same time the other iPhones sales is going well. Now a days we stopped using Phone Text Messages. Instead of that we are using WhatsApp and other Messening App to communicate each other. Me personally not using this default Text messages from last one year. Sometimes i used it to share Contact Information with others.

In this article we are going to write about How to share contact information through Text message on your iPhone. You can do it by couple of clicks on your iPhone. So, its an easy way to share someone contact information over Text messages.

Follow the below procedure to share contact information over text Message on your iPhone.

The Procedure to share Contact information over Text Message on iPhone

In the very first step open up the Contacts app on your iPhonei phone contact app

From the Contacts App, Scroll down to the contacts or search the contact name that you would like to share. iphone contact list

Tap on the Contact to open the info about the contact, Now you will able to see Share Contact option.iphone share contact

From Here you will get multiple options like Gmail, Web mail, Message to share with. Choose the Message option as we have to share it through messages. iphone contact share options

This will automatically added contact card to a message and the next person will get the Contact info in same.

In this way you can also share your contact information through WhatsApp and Email. Help this article will  help you to share your mutual Contact List to another friend.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 power processor for Gaming

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 the power processor for Gaming. Qualcomm has just confirmed about their two new upcoming process Snapdragon 840 and 845 along with 855. This two new process will be release within a couple of months.

The New Android Mobile manufacturing companies are d  Qualcomm for its processors. Recently Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor capturing the market and its performance is very well in Gaming. This processor will available in mid range mobile phone in between 10-20k INR.

You can choose Snapdragon 835 in five main cases: battery life, performance, Capture, Connectivity and security. Qualcomm make its size cheaper then the previous Snapdragon 820. it requires less power than the previous one and save the battery as well. Moreover it will also let you fast charging your device.

This processor will also increase the photo capturing quality. As per the company says Snapdragon 835 offers smooth, lossless zoom that will reduce the graininess of photos. The platform’s Spectra 180 ISP supports up to 32-megapizel resolution at 30 frames per second with no shutter lag for a single camera.

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Gaming: Snapdragon 835 chip is best for Gaming till date and its 50% faster than its predecessor. Here is  some gaming comparison between Snapdragon 834 and 821.

snapdragon 835 processor
source: androidpit.com


Snapdragon 835 is 10 NM in size as well it improves both the CPU and GPU. If you compare it to the previous one then we can see improvement in power and electrical usage. Qualcomm also bring advantages in terms of developments in gaming, photography, connectivity, security, machine learning and audio.

So, we can expect better gaming performance from this processor. The development team says,

 Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform
With an advanced 10-nanometer design, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile platform can support phenomenal mobile performance. It is 35% smaller and uses 25% less power than previous designs, and is engineered to deliver exceptionally long battery life, lifelike VR and AR experiences, cutting-edge camera capabilities and Gigabit Class download speeds.


How to Setup and use WhatsApp Business App step by step Guide

WhatsApp Business App- Before going to write about WhatsApp Business App and Profile setup process let me tell you a short story.
Few days back I was involve in a small e-commerce company. Where I have to manage some order and delivery works. My personal whatsApp number was there and the customers keep messaging me to know about their delivery status. That time I really realize a whatsApp business App. Now they officially launched this app.
The service was officially announced one month ago. The service is still in testing mode, only limited user can use this beta version of WhatsApp Business App. So, here we are going to write about How to use and Setup WhatsApp Business App. Some of the Beta tester write about this app, so in this article we are going to talk about the WhatsApp Business profile.
Before Going to talk about WhatsApp Business App, Let me tell you some thing about this app, like whatsApp Business App features and working process. As per the Beta tester review it has maximum number of features what we need to to get connected to a customers.
The basic features of this app is simple and easier. So, you can easily set it up to start with. If you are using WhatsApp personal App and you also want to run the WhatsApp Business profile in the same mobile then WhatsApp account manager will let you start conversations with your client differently. If you want to separate the conversations between personal and Business contacts then WhatsApp Business App will let you do that.
The most interesting features is landline phone number support. But for now it’s on testing mode so user has to wait for few more days to use this service. If you are still struggling with your old landline no then this features is for you, and you will get benefit from this service by avoiding messages on your personal number.
You can run both the apps on your mobile without any problem. Both the apps will work softly on your mobile. By using both of them you can separate your personal message and business messages.

Step One to know about WhatsApp Business APP

After the Official released you can download the WhatsApp Business App from the PlayStore. Both the app is pretty same, but in the App icon you can notice a small changes. Instead of the Calling symbol you will notice Letter B.
Once you download it from Google Play Store both the Apps will behave same. You will notice WhatsApp Business in the above Bar. Both the Apps looks like same there will be camera icon, chats, status and calls option. Now let’s move to the settings.
After successfully complete your mobile verification you are ready to use your WhatsApp Business profile. Now tap in to the three small dot which will located upper right corner of your App. By clicking on that option you can get in to settings. There you’ll see two new features Business Settings and Statistics.
For Business Settings you will get two features. One is edit your Business profile and another one is Away option to keep yourself away from your customers.
Statistics it’s a simple analytics to keep tracking your messages and data type. Here you can get all the report of messages sent, delivered, read and received. I hope whatsApp will add more features in this category by understanding the engagement from your customers.

Setup your Business Profile

In the Business profile option you can added your image or your business logo. Which will help your customers to understand more about your business. Where you can add your Business name with Verified/unverified status badge along with some other details.
In the top right corner you will able to see a pencil icon tap on that and you can put some detail of yours. This features is include location, Your Business Category, a short Business description, email address and an option to add your Business website. So, customers can visit to your website by going through your whatsApp profile. In the business category option you will get categories like Automotive, Beauty spa & Salon, clothing & Apparel, education, Entertainment, Event Planning & service, Finance & Banking, Grocery & supermarket, Public & Government service and many more.

Keep Yourself away in closing hours

You can keep yourself away in your closing hours or when you are out of the city. By keep yourself away you an automated the responses that your customers will get to know when you are coming back. You can also setup the away option and scheduled it up. You can also set the time and date to keep yourself away, for example if you set it for every Sunday then it will automatically keep you away on Sunday.WhatsApp messages
Depending upon your Business you can personalized your Text responses. This is the key features to let your customers if you are available or not. Which you will not get in the WhatsApp personal App.

What customers will see

When your customers try to reach you from their app through your WhatsApp Business number, they will see a end-to-end encryption which is normal with the Personal WhatsApp. WhatsApp will let your customers know that if you are a verified user or not.
If you want to know more about the Business owner then tap to the profile image and you will able to see all the information like business profile:image, verification status, location, category, email address, web address and more.
From my personal experiences WhatsApp Business is the one of the most hottest app for now. Any kind of Business who are dealing with client or customers can have this app. Country like India this app will definitely gain success easily. I hope whatsApp will launched payment option through this App in their next update. If they are coming up with payment option then every one of this planet can do business and make money out of it. I hope they will launched this features very soon.
For small business owners like me WhatsApp Business app is pretty amazing for me. Their awesome features make me surprised and I am eagerly waiting for this service to use. What you want to say leave your comment below.
.Image credit goes to- Androidpolice.com