Today I’m going to show you “How to add the Cute Animated Twitter Bird To Blogger”. You might have seen the Twitter Bird Flying all over my Blog; and it’s really Cool. Right?? So if you want it I will show you how I Put the Twitter Bird on my blog. With the Twitter’s worldwide popularity it has become a compulsory job for every web master to use twitter sharing buttons and its applications as much on his blog as possible.This lets users to easily  tweet our blogs and websites which thereby generates traffic for us in return.

Screenshot of the cool Flying Twitter Bird Widget:

Now, in order to add this widget follow my below steps exactly as I describe:

  • First go to Template –> Edit HTML –> Proceed
  • Now search for </body>

[Tip: Use Ctrl+F to find]

  • Then Copy the Following Piece of Code and Paste the Code right After the </body>
    <script src=' twitter bird.js' type='text/javascript'>
    </script> <script type='text/javascript'> var twitterAccount = "Add your Twitter name here"; var tweetThisText = " <data:blog.pageTitle/>: <data:blog.url/> "; tripleflapInit(); </script> <span style='font-size:11px;position:absolute;'/><a href='' target='_blank'>Twitter Bird Gadget</a>
  • Now Replace Add your Twitter name here With your Twitter ID
  • Then Click ‘Save Template’ and you are done
  • View your Blog to see it flying. Smile Happy Blogging..!!!


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