If You have a domain name which you want to sell having a decent amount of Traffic and a good alexa and page rank, I will guide you to get the Best Price for your domain name. Through this way, not only you will get Money, you will also get a good amount of traffic too. So here is a good way to Earn Money online by Selling Domain Names.

This is the Best Website I could tell to sell your domain name to get the best price. Sedo have more than 10 million domains and thousands of domains are bought everyday. There you will find a good amount of bidders who wants to buy domains online. SEDO cuts 10% from the total price you get for your domain name.

Godaddy, which is the rank#1 domain registrar also Provides a platform to sell your domain name online. They also Provides a good bidders for your domain name. You may sell the domain name from the desired keyword of your domain. If you provide a High Quality Keyword for your domain name, you will get more bids and hence will increase your Earnings.

Flippa the most active site to buy and sell domains online and make more money.You can also list your domain name their to earn money by selling your domain name.

You Can sell Your Domain name on eBay too. eBay Permits to sell domain name on their biggest e-Auction website. Many People around the globe are earning a lot from Domain Marketing on eBay

There are thousands of Forums on Which you can Sell your Domain Names. I’m Providing Some Popular online Forums Below:
1. DigitalPoint Forum
2. Nameslot
2. Domain Social Forum

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