5 Coolest Gadgets for your Car to Buy in 2016

Now a days Technology and internet also change the way of driving. Google and some other Tech companies started making driver less car. There are other Some tech companies are making really creative and helpful Gadgets. Here are the some interesting and cool digital car gadgets and accessories for you that you can buy in 2016.

There are lots of Car gadgets out there. But Here out team is providing you the best and reliable one for you. These are the 10 Coolest Gadgets for your Car that you can definitely buy for anyone, please have a look in to that and leave your response below.

The 5 Best car Gadgets to Buy in 2016

GoPro Dash cam: Now a days there’s lots of bad drivers out there, this won’t save you from an accident, but it will definitely help you when it comes to the police investigation. Also there are lots of insurance fraud happening now a days so you can came against all those who were did wrong with you.

If you do vlogging then it will definitely help you to go viral. But the most interesting fact is that you can use this camera for Both Car and Bike. If you need a dash cam or a Helmet Camera then i will definitely suggest you to go for GoPro.

Mobile Stand or car mount: Using smart phone while driving is completely a bad idea. So, i will recommend you to buy a Mobile stand or Car Mounter for your car it will cost you around $10-20. So, not a big deal it will definitely help you a lot.

Bluetooth Car Kit: An another most important gadget is Bluetooth Car kit. It will definitely help you in terms of safety and protection. While your Phone is ringing you no need to touch your Phone to received the call,  it lets you stream or make calls hands-free.

USB Car Charger: Most important gadgets that you can’t ignore. If your smart phone battery getting low on driving then what you will do? So, its important to keep an USB charger on your car to keep you cell phone battery on. Now a days all the cars are coming with USB Port so you no need to worry about it or you can buy an external hardware to connect with Cigarette lighter outlet.

Vehicle Monitoring Device: Its a simple GPS tracker to track your car location in real time. It will give you the trip history, maintenance or repair report and other driving score. Just connect your smartphone with this device and it will let you know all above its a great Device for the parents to track their children location.

Parking Sensor: Its an electronic device that will give you signal while you parking your car in a wrong way.

The Automatic App and Adapter: Automatic’s original purpose (for which it kinda sucks) was to help you maximize fuel efficiency. But Automatic 2.0 enables a whole suite of apps to work with your car, mapping and timing your daily commute to find the most efficient route, helping you decode engine troubles, and giving you access to a bunch of other data so you can optimize your drive.

Mobileye 560

Drivemocion D.B.D car sign

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