5 Best Tips To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

These days all bloggers are working hard to create a Website/blog basically focusing on the earning from Google Adsense. But getting Google AdSense Approval is very tough.Google AdSense provides very strict Terms & Conditions, failing which Google will disapprove your Application.  So, today we will provide you the 5 best tips which you should follow  to get approved by Google Adsense . So here is the 5 best Google AdSense Approval tips :

  • Age of Your Blog
  • Unique Content
  • Essential Pages
  • Good SEO
  • Backlinks
  • No other company’s advertisement

Age of your Blog:

Blog which are older than 6 months get Google AdSense approval  easily , But you need to work hard before applying to Google AdSense.


Unique content:

Remember one thing “Content is the king”. if you really want a Adsense Account then you have to write unique content. Content have minimum 500 words with proper Language. You can Use High rich keyWord. And make sure that articles are indexed by Google.


Essential Pages:

Make sure that your Website have an About Us, Privacy policy and contact us page. It is very important to get Google Adsense Approval.


 Good SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. It will not only increase the chances of account approval, also increase Google ranking. Adsense check every post so it  is very necessary to make a good SEO friendly Website.



Do follow Backlink is very important to get Approval. So create backlinks from trusted site as much as possible.


No other company’s advertisement!

Google don’t want other companies to advertise with Google Adsense.  So better to remove the other ads if you are using it. And also avoid using Pop Up ads. Google Certainly hates Pop Up !

N.B : It is seen that many websites are now-a-days using Chitika along with Google AdSense. So this point is a controversial one. kindly share your views.



So, in this article we have provided 5 best tips to get Your Google AdSense approved. To get Google AdSense approved, you need to follow all the Google terms and conditions carefully. Unique & Quality Contents along with good Search Engine Optimization will help you to get your Google AdSense application approve.

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