10 Amazing Things you can do with Ubuntu17.04

So, Finally Ubuntu 17.04 is on hand and here we are going to discuss about some amazing features of Ubuntu 17.04 that you can try for sure. Ubuntu 17.04 the code name is Zesty Zapus. Long term Ubuntu user who like to play with code for them this version will be awful.

So, First things first once you successfully install this Ubuntu 17.04 version then you might be notice some awesome features coming up with this OS. Let’s see what features you get with this version and what you can do with Ubuntu 17.04.

  • Check For Updates

This is the New Key features of Ubuntu 17.04. After installing Ubuntu its important to check for update timely. In this version you will automatically get the new Security patches and bug fixes. Just run an update and it will automatically fix it up for you.

Command code to run updater(Ctrl+Alt+T)

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Once you done you will get the following message. ubuntu 17.04 updater

  • Install Graphics Driver

In this Ubuntu version you can able to check the latest update of your Graphics driver and it will enhance the performance of your Processor, GPU, Wi-Fi card etc. You can check for your Graphics driver update from your System settings.ubuntu Graphics updater

  • Install Media Codes

The new Media Codes features will allow you to play the Various quality of Media file like Video and Audio file in different format. All you need to do is you have to install it from the  Ubuntu Software app or you can install it directly from the following option.

Install Media Codes From Ubuntu Software Center

You can use the following command code to get it done

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
  • Install Modern Theme and Icon

Ubuntu default theme is great But in this version you can able to get some new Theme and Icon set. Numix GTK is one of the most popular Ubuntu theme for Ubuntu 17.04 at the same time you can also use Ubuntu Icon theme to make it looks more trendy.

You can download the Numix GTK theme from the below link.

Install Numix GTK theme from Ubuntu Software 

Just go to the  Appearance > Theme to make it enable.

  • Install Unity Tweak Tool

Ubuntu Unity tool is the one of the most Advance Tool on Ubuntu. You will get some advance features in this tool like interact with Unity’s work spaces, app launch and minimize animations, and font rendering etc.

ubuntu unity tool

  • Performance Settings

To increase the Performance of Your Laptop battery you can use TLP. By using this features you can optimized the battery life and its also control the CPU temperature. You can use the following command line to install it

sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw

Once you install it use the follow once to run it.

sudo tlp start
  • Enable Minimize Option

For the very first time Ubuntu introduce you to with this features. By using unity Tweak tool you can get this option in the overview panel. minimize option

  • System Cleaner

Stacer is system cleaner App From where you can check your CPU and RAM usage. Its App will work like Disk Cleaner you can also remove the temp files and unwanted apps. stacer ubuntu

  • RedShift Mode

You can download RedShift to keep your eyes safe at night from the computer screen. You can install the redshift by using the following command in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install redshift redshift-gtk
  • Some New Features of Ubuntu 17.04

So, at last we are going to mention about some New features which are the very essential for you. Find these features on your PC and enjoy.

  • Install Your prefered Apps.
  • Sync Your Cloud Accounts.
  • Install GDebi
  • You can also install Apps from outside Ubuntu Group.

So, For now You can enjoy this features on your Laptop.

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